Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sonny Angel Trophy Bunny

I saw this at a shop in Grand Central in NYC (PIQ) and fell in love with her! Such a fun Kewpie Bunny Doll Trophy created by Sonny Angel!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lush Spa - Easter Cuteness

I was on Lexington Avenue in New York City and looked into the Lush Spa window and had to go in! Stop it with their cute adorable Easter wonderfuls. It all looks like candy but they are bath products. So of course bought some for friends and some for me! So make sure you find a Lush Spa and grab some Golden Eggs and some Carrots for those Easter Baskets! xoox

Friday, April 11, 2014

Macy's Flower Show "The Secret Garden"

Macy's Flower Shows theme this year was "The Secret Garden". Macy's first floor was transformed into a true "Secret Garden". As you entered the New York City Herald Square location you were greeted by this glamorous tall mannequin dressed in a red flower gown. As I walked through this beauty my eyes went all over I did not want to miss anything. I waited as people posed with every display with every flower and just stood there in amazement. Was this how Alice felt when she went into Wonderland? Magical glimpses all over. I went up the escalator to a Secret Garden Gate and as I gazed up I saw these amazing hanging weaved into wire, flowers hanging from the ceiling. Stunning! Dolce & Gabbana's new fragrance called "Dolce" had an elegant display. The fragrance is as elegant a must buy. The Macy's Cellar was selling t-shirts bags and books adorned with "The Secret Garden" theme and the display was filled with paper flowers that looked real. As I left the store I smiled and was grateful for this Secret in New York City. 

Dolce from Dolce & Gabbana their new fragrance

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

Window Displayon Broadway

Window Display on Broadway

Window Display on Broadway

Happy Pink Saturday! Such pretty flowers and lots of pink to share. Please visit our Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and all the Pink Saturday post. Enjoy your Spring xoox

Friday, April 4, 2014

Alice Aycock - Paper Chase on Park Ave NYC

Artist Alice Aycock has an installation of art called the "Park Avenue Paper Chase" on Park Avenue in NYC. It will be there from March to July. It is wonderful walking on park avenue and looking at these beautiful flowing full of life works of art. Spring has Sprung and NYC has amazing wonders to see all over for free! 

Cyclone Twist at 57th Street and Park Avenue

Waltzing Matilda at 56th Street and Park Avenue

Spin the Spin at 55th and Park Avenue

Twin Vortexes at 54th and Park Avenue

Hoop-La at 53rd and Park Avenue

Maelstrom between 52nd and 53rd on Park Avenue
This is my Pink Saturday Share. Please Visit our wonderful hostess Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" and all the other Pink Saturday posts. Happy Pink Saturday xoox

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pink Saturday - Easter Goodies

Happy Pink Saturday! I can not believe I finally made it back home to Pink Saturday. I have Missed Beverly and all the Pink Saturday posts. My really awesome friend Sandy from "Sandy's Show and Tell" Sent me a box of Easter treasures. I have been so bummed since this winter has been too long and too cold and so much snow and ice and this box came at a perfect time....yes the first day of Spring it arrived. Sandy altered the ceramic dolly and made her into a pink haired bunny holding a pink Easter egg. I decided she is too cute to put her away after Easter! She also made a pretty Happy Easter wall hanging and a egg box filled with chocolates. SO many treasures...she definitely is a "spoiler" and very talented. I call her my "Cuggina" which means cousin in Italian. She feels like family. I just had to share my Pink gifts with my Pink Saturday Family! Please hop on over to my Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" and look at all the wonderful Pink Saturday posts! xoox Grace



Monday, March 10, 2014

Le Sportsac and Benefit Cosmetics Collaborate

Le Sportsac and Benefit Cosmetics collaborated on a fabulous vintage chic line. I just love both brands and when I went into the Soho Store in NYC the sales girl who knows my face by now said, "look up to your right"! She was so excited and of course so was I. I had dinner reservations I was already late to but I promised to be back. I took a catalog and tried to pin it to at least 2 items....ahahaha Quite the Comic I am. There is just no way to just get 2! These pictures do not do it any Justice but I promise as soon as you see this you will not be able to just pick 1.  Big girl cuteness! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Christmas Ornament Swap - Very Late

Yes you are seeing Christmas ornaments... I had started to post before Christmas and thought I had every picture in and I did not and then time just got away and did not post. I hosted a Christmas ornament swap with a bunch of my very good friends. Their ornaments were so pretty. I feel so bad I did not post around that time but in NY we are expecting more snow and to me that is Christmasy and nothing much is going on right now so this is a fun time to post. Hope everyone is keeping warm. Thank you girls for such beautiful ornaments and that you for the beautiful Hostess gifts. Love U to the Moon and Back Grace xoox

my ornaments were put in these canvas bags I decorated

my ornaments

I added these fun Wendy Addison Crackers 

All the ornaments wrapped so pretty

Vivian from "Viv on a Whim"

Sandy from "Sandy's Show and Tell" 

Tammy from "The Other Side of Me"

Heidi from "Sugah Beez"

Cheryl from "Recycled Relics and Antique Chic"

LuLu  from "LuLu Kellog Aletier"