Saturday, January 3, 2009

Target Cheer Me Up.....

My first Target Visit in 2009 was wonderful. I have been a little down so decided I needed a Target pick-me-up! Valentine's Day stuff was already out and picked at...really now people! I did find a cute sock monkey V-Day Pj's pink of course a Mug with owl and the ever so popular Elnett Hair Spray from the Paris! Finally Loreal made a formula that they can sell here in the USA. My friend Jeanette had found at her Target but I had to order it on line from Target till now! She was the first one to find that it was here in the USA. I do feel better and Happy that I got out and went to Target so if you want some Sock Monkey PJ's hurry they were almost gone! Hugs
Elnett Hair Spray

Pink Owl Mug

Sock Monkey Pink Valentine PJ's


JeanetteS said...

Target always cheers me up too. Hope your day is even better tomorrow. :)

Sandy Michelle said...

CRAP I wish we had a target here because I am OBSESSED with sock monkeys!!!! Thanks so much for the sweet birthday wishes my dear!!!

Sandy xox

Sara said...

LOVE the pink owl mug! You got some good stuff! I'm going to stop in at Target on Monday when I'm down in Mt. the dentist...glad all that pink, Target-y stuff cheered you up!


Bre said...

....hope the pink sock monkey jammies and the hairspray cheered you up.......anything at Target would cheer me up - except I have to drive for an hour and a half to get to one !

..that pretty mercury glass votive came in handy again the other night when we lost power for 14 hours - lit up the living room and looked so pretty to boot !

Take care and cheers my friend !


Sandi Keene said...

Love the sock monkey pj's - adorable. Target is always good for a pick me up!

Stevie K said...

We got a computer today, so yay! We must catch up...grab some hot cocoa and write to me how november and december treated you.

I love Target, but our closest is about an's a big treat for me to go to one LOL.


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Grace,

You won my giveaway!!!! Please contact me with your email so I can get your mailing address and send you this pail of goodies!!


Sugar Bear said...

That is the cutest mug! Target is one of my favorite stores. You can't go in there and get just one thing!

Anonymous said...

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