Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paris - 1st day

We got to Paris, my dream and it looked like any other airport anyplace else I have been...just so surreal I think and say no really was I there? I definitely will be back and definitely there is so much more I did not get to do and see that I will.
I am sorry I have been so bad about blogging so much in the real world going on but I must say this escape of blog land is incredible. I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I have.
getting familiar with our "Metro" stop No.7 Monge

This was some of the architecture in our area around our hotel...

As we walked the neighborhood in back of our hotel I looked up and saw this old "bowling" painting up high on the side of a home. I am always used to looking up in New York and there it was. Oh to be able to pick that off and take it old shabby chic!

A crepe and sandwich maker near our hotel

On our way to Eat we ran into Napoleon...umm a tall Napoleon.

We went to the Budah Bar the first evening. I had made reservations 3 months in advance. I know in Paris the first night and eating Sushi at the Buddha Bar? Was a Saturday night we were in Paris wanted to be cool and cool we were! The place was packed with beautiful people. The clothes were so chic...oolala. Well it was beautiful but very very dark. Marlene grabbed the candle and could see a little and I stood there with my Blackberry trying and then the waiter came over with a small flashlight! Are you kidding me?? Apparently this is a huge issue but ambiance is awesome. I kept the flashlight around to take pictures and yes see our food, that was beautiful.

(look for flashlight in my hand)


Sandi Keene said...

Love your pics of Paris.Can't wait to hear/see more!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hi Grace!! Looks like you found a new man over there too huh?LOL! Yeah I wouldn't like to eat in the dark either but I can just imagine how awesome everyone was dressed!


Anonymous said...

haha omg thats funny eating with a flashlight in paris! what a story! big hugs


JeanetteS said...

What an opportunity to visit Paris. And I loved the pink bath tissue! I look forward to seeing more about your trip. :-)