Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Night NYC Sept 10, '09

Fashion Night out was so "over the top"! I was in complete awe. My First stop was Tiffany and "WOW"! They had Tifany blue carpet all over their sidewalk, white roses around the building, blue lights flashing, Tiffany boxes stacked up high and a cute coffee cupcake cart. Then I looked across the Street at Berdorf Goodman and saw the ever so amazing Zac Posen designer extrodinaire in the windows wearing a crown headband painting a models white dress with paint to be later auctioned off. I had to now go inside and Bergdorff was buzzing with excitement, the press, paparazzi, designers, models, actresses, actors, cooks and ME! Below are some pictures, alot of places you could not take pictures and in Bloomingdale's you could not get close to Gwenn or Lindsey but I did get close to Marilyn....(chuckle)! I even made it to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Cocktail Party where they served drinks... Great job they did. I must say all night long they were the most buzzed sighting..(not by me), but people were pushing and shoving and getting crazed. They were really classy and adorable. So after a drink and went downstairs and got Victoria Beckham to sign my shirt I walked out and saw mobs of people in the dark waiting to get in!! What?? I hid my shirt and walked quickly without answering the many questions thrown at me...oooh I am not famous I kept thinking what is this? lol 57th Street was a South Beach "Partay". Dior Chanel Coach all with music blaring cocktails small finger foods and more models designers and famous people and ME! As I took my 4 inch heels off on Park Avenue I see this handsome young man serving punch on the sidewalk. This was a cute boutique that sold linens, oh my this Fashion Night Out was HUGE! They also had small Bistro tables in white crisp linens with pink candles outside. And I finally made it to Bloomingdale's. I was so tired, exhausted drained but touched up the make-up and kept going. I saw Lindsey Lohan and Gwenn Stefani and yes I made a video with Marilyn Monroe that I have to upload as soon as I get it. They were advertising for this machine YooStar, that has all these videos that you can place yourself into a scene and share with your friends. Would be fun in a Family or Game Room. I was hedding to my bus stop and saw Stacy London from "What Not to Wear" and then decided that DKNY and Calvin Klein looked like fun and hit them on Madison Avenue also! Sorry this was so long I hope you stuck around to finish! "Proceeds from the T-Shirt went to September 11 Musem and Memorial Fund".


Zac Posen - Deisgner

Maniquins with T-shirts

Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen

John Barrett - Famous Hair Stylist Designer

Manolo Blahnik _ Shoes - Sex and the City Shoes

Badgley Mischka - Dress Designers

Designer Tullah

Chanel - No Photos allowed

Christian Dior hosted a party for Vouge

Pesu designing Coach Canvas Tote

Pesu's 1 design (had lots of others)

Kiersten Essenpreis - Designs Coach Canvas tote

Cute Bartender on sidewalk Park Avenue

Marilyn Monroe "Yoostar"

Stacy London of "What Not to Wear"

DKNY wine - Sipper on top!


Sandy Michelle said...

Are you kidding me???How were you able to get in there and take pix! I am sooo envious you saw Gwen Stefani especially! I am hoping to spot celebrities in L.A this weekend! Thanks for telling me abou the Raggedy Anne win! I had no idea!

Sandy xox

Bre said...

Wow, I'm excited about getting a makeover with Lancome and you're hobnobbing with the rich and famous LOL !!

Always love reading about your"New York" lifestyle ....would love even just a smidgen of that glamour in my neck of the woods. (I use the word "woods" literally LOL)

Check out my recent post ....I'm doing the 21 day challenge with Rhonna Farrer and I know you like her. You should jump on board. We'll see if it works with me LOL ! I had to already start over with one of my challenges !


Stephenie said...

Wow!! This is really so exciting.. I bet you really did have such an amazing time.. Glad you got lots of pictures, I might not believe you if you didn't have the proof(hehe).. This is something you'll remember forever..

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll
woo hoo
what a fab night!!!
great pics.
you are a celeb!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG Grace! seriously why wasnt I invited?!?! haha I am coming to New york next time!! hehe BIG BIG Hugs


shabbyscraps said...

How fun!!!
I think since my name is Tiffany, I ought to recieve a discount at the store, right?? :)

Sandi Keene said...

How cool is that? What an exciting night!

Ann + Stamper Dog said...

Saw your post on We got the Owl PJ's at They are Nick & Nora PJ's.

Wish I'd known about Raggedy Ann's birthday. What WAS I thinking?

Love your pics! said...

wow!What a night out!!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

What a dream you are living!!

faerie enchantment said...

OMG, what an amazing time, loved reading your post, felt like I was there on the adventure! Thanks for sharing it!
Magic and Joy!

Jillian said...

Such fun and look at you the celebrity photographer and pal. WOWIE!