Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pink Saturday Valentine Luncheon and Swap

Happy Valentine Pink Saturday! I am not going to apoligize for this very long lots of pictures blog post because I had too! lol One of my Best Friend Cheryl from "Nouveaux-portmanteau" Blog, Hosted a Valentine Luncheon. It was so fabulous to walk into her beautifully decorated home with Love treasures all over.The table setting was so adorable every little attention to detail so many gifts even a beautiful Valentine necklace. We had a glass of champagne and chatted and then we had lunch and dessert and we created a fabric heart (still finishing mine up and exchanged gifts. I love my Girlfriends. They are so talented and they have the biggest hearts. We get together and chat about fabric and antiques and food and pinterest and giggle. Cheryl hosted a Valentine Cone swap and I was swapped out with Trish from ItsyBitsy Pixie and she received my cone. I hope you love this post as much as I do. It makes me smile. Girlfriends are the best! Please go visit my friend and Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" and all the wonderful Pink Saturday posts. xoox (blogger is giving me problems today now it is not letting me spellcheck so please forgive me) lol

Marie Plates

My Heart

Beverly's Heart

Cheryl's Heart

Carla's Heart

I brought Cheryl this chubby Cupid cookie

Desserts made By Carla of Carla Gizzi Jewelry & Home Decor

Valentine chocolate bark filled with yummies

rice pudding

fudge chocolade brownie with whipped cream

Cheryl's Cone to Me "filled to the Brim

She saved Laduree ribbon from Macaroons I gave her for my cone

I made Cheryl this cone


a fun sweets and treasure basket from Carla


Trish from ItsyBitsy Pixie

The Cone I made

My Friend Marlene from Honey Comb Cottage 2b made me this cute cone

This is the treasure made by Cheryl for being in the swap!


Lorraine said...

Oh, Grace, what a beautiful post!! I loved all the pictures...the party looks fabulous! The menu! The gifties! The fun! Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

sissie said...

Hello Grace,
My goodness this looks like such a lovely party. It's wonderful to have such good friends that love the same things. I love the gifts and the food and the decor.


LuLu Kellogg said...

I am swooning over everything!

I have those same Marie plates and love mine!

Going back to look at all the pictures again!


Gabriela Delworth said...

HPS & Valentine's Day!

What a great post! Such a lovely party.
Brownies, please...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time. Love the pink cone all the decorations. Happy Pink Saturday. Pat

kslgoblue said...

It looks like such a wonderful gathering. I wish I lived closer!

Cheryl said...

It was a lovely day wasn't it!! It was like Christmas!! I couldn't believe all the wonderful gifts everyone brought!! It was so nice to share such a wonderful day with my bestest girlfriends... I love my cone from you and all the goodies inside. You completely spoiled me.. I can't wait to post about all your goodies!!! Thank you for a wonderful relaxing day filled with lots of laughter! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! BIG PINK SQUISHY HUGS!!! BWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Pink Saturday Grace Sweetie...
Oh what a gorgeous time you had. I love seeing all the beautiful cones filled with treasures. How pretty and imaginative they all are. Looks like you received some beauties and gave some beauties.

Love the table and the Marie plates were just gorgeous. Loved the BIG roses attached to each chair. How sweet is that?

The food looked delish as well. Thank you for sharing sweetie. I so enjoyed myself this evening. Have a glorious weekend and Happy Valentine's Day sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry

Holly Loves Art said...

Wowzie!!!! Love all the pictures. You've made me verrrrry hungry! Heehee
Happy PINK day!

Kelly said...

Wow! Great pictures! Looks like a lovely party!!

Beverly said...

I can tell you from personal experience it was a super fab day. So much love, laughter, creativity and generosity - I love my friends!

Happy Valentine's Day to All

Sandy Michelle said...

I am loving all the details of Cheryl's Valentines party!! The cones were awesome this year too! Happy Heart Day my love!

Sandy xox

Sea Dream Studio said...

What a beautiful post!! ♥♥♥
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!!

Mrs.TriciaK said...

Happy Valentines Day Grace!!! A quick thank you just to say how much I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE all of my Valentine goodies!!!!

The milk carton just cracked me up, as that is so my style as I have a couple of those around my home. The dolly was just soooo me too!!!

And of coarse I just loved all of the other goodies too!!!
Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day filled with all sorts of love and goodness!!!
Take Great Care Sweet pea, tricia

Little Pink Studio said...

Beautiful luncheon! What a fun thing to do!
Happy Valentine's day!
xo, Cerri

C'est moi Claudette said...

That Cheryl sure knows how to throw a lovely luncheon party for her girls. How special GracE. You girls are all so lucky to have such a great friend in Cheryl.
I adore all of the pics. Never apologize for too many pics, lol. You know me, more is better ; )
I've never owned a tusie ever!! can you believe it? Yours was so cool, and of course all of them were over the top sweet.
Happy Belated Valentine sweet GracE. I know I haven't been around much, but know I think of you often.