Friday, July 6, 2012

Pink Saturday - Last Day in Canada

Happy Pink Saturday! Please visit our Hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and all the fun Pink Saturday posts.

Day 3 Sunday was our last day together in Canada at Sandy's Retro Beauties Art Retreat. We were so exhausted from the day before and we got up and Sandy made us Crepes! We all "decorated" our crepes just like it was our art project! 

I put a little Nuttela and strawberries on the inside

And I topped with 3 sprays of Cool Whip! It was so wonderful to sit sip coffee with the girls and enjoy our last hours giggling. The we took showers packed our bags and came downstairs to a clean kitchen and Sandy ready to teach us a new project!

Here is Sandy working on her canvas






                                                               All 5

                                                                  Me - Grace





fter we finished we cleaned up and wrapped our artwork finished packing, had a wonderful snack and took Tammy to the Airport as Natalea and LuLu drove to Buffalo and made a quick stop at Niagra Falls. Me and Sandy went shopping and then Starbucks and then I went to the airport. It was so sad leaving. I promise next post is swaps and gifts!!


Gabriela Delworth said...


You better make sure next time you come to stay a few more days!


Robyn said...

looks like you ladies had a wonderful time and yum ,yum ,yummy crepes- I want some! :) Hope you have a fun Pink Saturday!

Michele said...

oh my goodness. what lovely art you all made! not to mention the delicious looking crepes! happy pink saturday! xo

Sandy Michelle said...

So sad it ended so fast. Have a great week cugina!

Sandy xox

vivian said...

Im so glad that we got to meet at Sandys house. she sure knows how to spoil us doesnt she? Hopefully we will all get together again soon!
have a great week Grace.

Heidi Meyer said...

That looks like such a fun weekend! Good friends, fun art and yummy food - perfect. Those crepes - divine!! xxoo Heidi

Natasha Burns said...

oh what FUN! Wish I was there too!!!! Love the cute portraits!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your support re the copying/image theft post. It means a lot!
Natasha x
PS. a cocktail would have been lovely, yes!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am drooling over those crepes again! YUM!! I still have not gotten any of that Nutella but will have to get some soon! YUM!!!

Wasn't this just the best time? I miss you girls!!!

Love my Pod 1!!
Pod 2 xoxo