Monday, October 22, 2012

Sandy Sends me Halloween Treasures

My sweet friend (Cousin) Sandy sent me the sweetest Halloween treasure box. Cousin? You ask. Since she hosted a fabulous "Retro Beach Beauty Retreat" in Canada I call her that. It was more than a bunch of women bonding and creating fun art, it was a Cousin reunion! I love my Cousins and we all till this day when we see each other get super excited. In the cute decorated box was a book she created for the "Retro Beach Beauties" filled with fabulous photos and memories of the weekend in Canada. She also send me a Sock Monkey Skelly , Vampire Candy and a Witch Pillow. I have been admiring Sandy's pillows on her blog and can not believe I received one too! Sandy is so sweet and so generous and so very creative. I am over the moon for my treasures and my Cousin. xoox

Sock Monkey Skelly, Retro Beach Beauty Book, Vampire candy

Inside the book

a glimpse of Saturday - Sandy made us a fabulous dinner

Love my Witch Pillow

This was on the Box my Cousin sent me


Sandy Camarda said...

Tee,hee I'm glad you liked your Halloween treats Cugina :)

Sandy xox

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Grace, I too love your treasures. The witch pillow especially but everything is special. Lucky you.
Love, Jeanne

Creative Breathing said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by blog. My Etsy shop is CreativeBreathing without the space, I believe. There will a direct button to reach the shop on my sidebar the evening of the sale, 8pmEST Fri. Dec 5th.
Oh, how I love your Veronica Lake pillow! a favorite movie star for sure.