Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cartier Wrapped in a Bow

Cartier is wrapped in a Big Red Bow that is always lit for every Holiday Season. This year they added the "Panther" in their theme. See the beautiful Panther as she is sitting at the window ready to glide on in to see get the beautiful jewels! Watch this little Cartier Clip on the Panther! (Here)



Marie Arden said...

So sad to hear they are doing nothing for holidays!! I am sure they would have sold it all as you said especially the snow globe!! Maybe they will sell it in Japan and it may turn up on EBay! Thanks for the update!
I would love to go to Paris sometime at Christmas/Pinkmas!!
I am almost finished with my baking.

Little Pink Studio said...

This is so lovely! Every year I wish I could go to NYC for Christmas. One of these days I will. I just love it there, and have not been for Christmas since I was a nanny there when I was only 18 years old. :)