Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Royce - Chocolate Madison Avenue Rolls Royce of Chocolate opened at 509 Madison Avenue near 53rd Street, opened before Christmas but I did not get to go in until last week. Royce is from Japan and joined the Madison Avenue Chocolatiers in 2012 the first store in the USA. Royce is a very small hall shaped "boutique" that sells only half of the different varieties that it makes. My very favorite is potato chips in fromage blanc (white chocolate). A little pricey at $17. but very worth a treat. Valentine's day is approaching would be wonderful to give an extra sweet item with that piece of jewelery for her or for him, would be divine to give yourself with a sweet! 


Grace said...
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Mari said...

Have a beautiful Valentines Day ;)

Big Smiles~

Sandy Camarda said...

Man I would be broke if I lived in NY.

Big Hugs!