Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bullets Over Broadway - Broadway New York City

My friends sent me to TKTS to get discounted tickets to a Broadway Play and to me it is Nirvana! I have seen most of the plays that TKTS had available and then I decided I wanted an old school play and chose "Bullets Over Broadway" a Musical Comedy written by Woody Allen and Directed by Susan Stroman. What fun! It was quirky and odd at times but belly laugh funny at other times. The characters definitely made it their own with an interesting bunch of  actors from different areas that will make you wonder who on earth thought to put these characters together?  A quirky fun must see! 
Zach Braff was David Shayne from playing a doctor in the TV Show Scrubs to a playwright who is hungry to catch a break and get someone to back his latest play. (look for Zack Braff in his new movie "Wish I Was Here" this Summer)

Then there is Vincent Pastore who plays the part of the Mobster Nick Valenti who is very eager to make his not very talented girlfriend a star to prove his love.......It's Big Pussy from the Soprano's! Whoo Hoo. Seriously you are thinking not a far stretch for him to play a mobster but Broadway Comedy and he can sing and dance. Click here to learn more about this Play and all the fun actors. 
The ST. James theatre is a tight squeeze but not a bad seat in the house you felt like you were on the stage singing with them all. 

Lenny Wolpe - plays Julien Marx

Karen Ziemba - Eden Brent

Vincent Pastore - Nick Valenti Mobster

Zack Braff and ME
Dinner: 5 Napkin in Hells Kitchen 45th Street is always a great choice. Service is quick when you need them to get you out for a show and slower when you are not in a rush. You really do need 5 Napkins while enjoying their burgers. We shared the Pretzel Sticks and Sushi and for dinner the amazing beef taco's. Close to all the theatres great prices. Love their decor too!

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