Thursday, November 13, 2014

The North Pole Adventure - Westchester NY

The North Pole Adventure a DreamWorks DreamPlace is at Westchester NY, Ridge Hill Shopping Mall. Register on line and Download the app on your phone to experience Shrek, Donkey and Santa for a 15 minute adventure to the North Pole! When you register on line and you arrive to the DreamWorks Adventure you get a passport and enter a very "Top Secret" Design Lab to create your own special sled to take you on a Virtual ride from Westchester NY to The North Pole with Shrek and Donkey. As you ride on the sled you actually feel the wind and the snow on your face, so Magical. Then you are off to meet the Beautiful Santa in his special office. It was totally breathtaking for children of all ages. Definitely a must see, so make your reservations and enjoy the Magic!

Free ride on a chubby reindeer or polar bear


vivian said...

looks like fun! I love the big stuffed reindeer! miss you gracie!

Victoria Eales said...

That looks so magical!

Victoria x

Heidi Meyer said...

Fun! I am loving all of your holiday posts!!xxoo Heidi

Sandy C said...

so magical for kids and adults!!