Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello Kitty Sculpture in New York City

Hello Kitty is in New York City on 47th Street and 2nd Avenue until September 13. I went in May and I was so thrilled to see see her in her glory. Kitty is a 9 feet tall hallowed out sculpture created by Sebastian Masuda. Children their families are encouraged to add an object into the Hello Kitty Time Capsule. This project started in Miami  last year and after September 13 the exhibit will move to Amsterdam then the Sculptures will reunite in 2020 in Tokyo for the Summer Olympics.

Funny story: I looked around and there was no one around to take my picture a bunch of business men walked out of the building ignoring my smile and camera in hand ready to approach them, then there was a bottle collector with a grocery cart filled with bags of bottles and cans, so I was getting frustrated but laughed at myself. How could I not find someone? So I see 3 people chatting nearby and I ask the man if he would mind snapping a picture of me and this amazing sculpture. Well they all looked at me like I was insane. I was taken aback, I did apologize for the interruption why were they staring at me like that? Well one of the ladies laughed and said This is "Sebastian Masuda" the Artist. I said "oh this is lovely piece of art and asked can you take a picture of me and her?" (Seriously) Well the woman who told me he was the artist said "I will take the picture of the two of you!" And so I got the honor of having my picture taken with the Artist. lol


Red Rose Alley said...

Way to go, Grace. Ask, and you shall receive. What a fun picture of you and the artist. This is a great idea having a Hello Kitty time capsule. I would love to see it. Me and the girls always talk about going to New York. :~)

I hope you are enjoying these June days.

love, ~Sheri

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

How amazing is Miss Kitty. I booked tickets to take my niece to Hello Kitty live! Should be an experience.

Also how fortunate you were to meet the artist too, a treasured memory.

Victoria xxx


Such a cool story & great photo


Cool story & Great photo

Shelia said...

Oh, I love this! You have so much fun.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)