Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Eye Lift Without the Surgery - Contours RX

I am turning 50 in May and wow seems like every beauty product color wise is geared for young people and all creams and lotions for the more mature woman. So I am on this Journey to 50 I am trying different "help" me products. Flipping the channel one day I saw eyes and miracle on HSN (Home Shopping Channel) and stopped. I stood there mesmerized by the happenings of this product called Lids By Design by Contours RX. They are medical grade instant eyelid correcting strips. Instant eye lift without getting cut up. They are easy to apply. You can put makeup on top of it and seriously do not see any mark or any hint anything is there, These Strips come in different mm sizes so if you need them for every day use you can use a lower number and for special events you can use a higher mm. Below are some places you can purchase them. Love love love them! I am looking towards 50 with my eyes wide open. xoox

Locations to purchase your Contours RX Lids By Design:
2. HSN
3. Amazon

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Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Oooooh these sound very interesting!

Victoria x