Friday, February 20, 2009

Henri Bendell - Hello Kitty and Mac - Shopaholic

I work above Henri Bendel in NYC. They have so many events and the best make-up section on the first floor. Mac launched their Hello Kitty line and had a party...of course I went they sent me an invite! So I went downstairs and was floored they had big men with Black Hello Kitty Heads on their hot bodies, stuffed dolls balloons, tattoos (fake)and make-up artists making you all dolled up and of course lots of shopping.. I bought a make-up bag, a bracelet and some make-up. After I went out with some friends. They also have this chocolate coffee room upstairs so much fun. If ever in New York you must stop by and say hi and we will go for some "shopping".

Confessions of a Shopaholic was filmed in Henri Bendel...

As they were filming this movie mostly at night and weekends they had to use my offices. I was there "working late" 2 times. It was so exciting! So I had to go see this movie and "How Stinkin Cute"! It was so amazing seeing the store and so many different landmarks that I often pass. This is another "not going to win any awards" movie but I loved it. Now I need to go find me a "Green Scarf"! (go watch and find out)


Bre said...

Hey You !! I should have known you'd like the pink post LOL !

Great hearing from you ! ......and I wish I COULD join you for shopping in New York ..........I don't even think what we have here could be called shopping LOL I love Hello Kitty !

Hugs and talk soon,


Stevie K said...

Fabulous life of NYC! Soo cool. Loved the Shopaholic series! Was the movie as good as the book?

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

My daughter is in NYC this week on a trip with her school!! Maybe you'll run into each other. :)
Have a great week, Grace.

Sandy Michelle said...

How cool the Hello Kitty must have been! You are so lucky to be so close to the filming. I am going to read the Confessions book too! I hope you get warmer weather soon!

Sandy xox

JeanetteS said...

It would be a dangerous thing for me to work very near Bendel's. How luck you are though to be so close! My BF would flip over the Hello Kitty stuff. Very adorable. And I hope to get around to seeing Shopaholic very soon.

Hope all is well!