Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was reading this fabulous blog with the ever so loverly "Saucy" showing her great vanity table and draws with all her make-up treasures and I started to drool! I have sooooo much make-up. "I am Grace and I have a problem" ok I have several! So now she put this idea in my head and looking for the "perfect fabulous" vanity.... Then Tuesday I picked up the Premeir Issue of Sandra Lee's Magazine and as I turned the pages I squeeled with delight at all these cute pink things foods and look a pink vanity table that she saved from being a garbage old desk!!! Oh my the excitement how pretty pink!

But reality smacked me in the face and said hellooooo Gracie Girl are you really going to find in NY an old desk and will it ever really come out so pretty and perfect?? Buy something or better yet keep dreaming honey! LOL! So I will start a little "dream" book so ladies send me pictures of where you have your make-up and if you have a vanity I would love to drool at it.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

How perfectly pink!!
And how lucky you are to be in the middle of NYC!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

P.S. No drooling over where my makeup is stored--in an old plastic tray. :(
But. . . maybe I'm inspired after reading your post!!

Sandi Keene said...

Just wanted to say hi and thank you for all the get well wishes you have sent. They meant so much!

Wish we could go shopping for some MAC makeup together!

Saucy said...

Grace! Check out ebay. A friend of mine found a great storage piece and she lived close enough to upstate NY that they shipped it for free! You will find something awesome I am sure.


Bre said...

Hi Grace !

I'm lovin'that pink vanity too .....I do have a little desk that I use as a vanity and a little area in my bathroom make up isn't that exciting. I think I need some more exciting New York stores.

Take care !