Monday, November 29, 2010

Sandy Visits NYC Part 1

I met Sandy from Canada (Sandy's Creations)in Blogland and she told me about a dream of hers of coming to NYC to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. And so she had her dream come true and arrived Wednesday before Thanksgiving and off we went. We exchanged gifties. (I will share what I received on Pink Saturday)I gave Sandy gifties in this tote I decorated for her. Wednesday we did so much that we walked 5 hours straight. Wow! Well she was leaving on Saturday evening and it is a Big City! I obviously can not post everything we did on Wed in one post or post all the photos but I do promise to try hard to get most up there. So I hope you enjoy your peak into our Thanksgiving weekend Day 1!
Lunch was at Mars 2112 with the martians! We took a short spaceship ride into the red planet of Mars!

First Stop after Lunch was Tinsel Trading! Lots of treasures beautiful bottle brush trees and Christmas Decor!

We stopped by Bryant Park and shopped a little and I had to take a picture with the Baci chocolate man. Baci mean kisses in Italian. So I guess these chocolates are the Italian version of the US Hershey Kisses.
Bryant Park Shops

Wednesday evening we went to 79th and Columbus Ave to watch them blow up and test the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons.
Kool Aid Man with Macy's Football

Hello Kitty

Sandy with Pumpkin Balloon



psforma said...

what fun! what great pictures. i cannot wait to read more. when will i see you?!?!?!?!
hugs and more,

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey Grace! Shoot I forgot to mention Bryant park and the blowing up of the balloons. Anywho I finally got some energy back and am no longer coughing. I have been taking pix of your God Daughters for the album already. I am sending you a few things just after the holidays so please e-mail me your address when you have a chance. Miss you!

Sand xox

Foxglove Spires said...

These pictures look wonderful, you must have had a delightful time.

Enjoy a wonder filled week.x

pamelahuntington said...

Grace.. You are the best... the adventure you and Sandy enjoyed together is amazing... I love that you shared it with all of us!!
Don't you adore bottle brush trees!!!


cheryl f. said...

Grace, You are such a special person!!! You planned this trip for Sandy with attention to every detail!! What a great friend!! I LOVE all the pictures and can not wait to see more. But there is a problem!! YOU need to keep me AWAY from Tinsel!! OMG!! I want to buy everything!! LOL!!! I am with Pam! The bottle brush tree's look beautiful!! xoxoxoxoxo

Florence and Mary said...

It looks like you ladies had a fab time!

Victoria xx

Sheena said...

Ahh Hello Kitty. Great pic.