Monday, February 28, 2011

Eataly - Oil Tasting

On Saturday evening I was invited to Eataly for an "Olive Oil Uncovered" class with Nicholas Coleman. In the class Nicholas taught us how to taste oil and the Executive Chef Alex Pilas made us dishes that the oil complimented. Olive Oil tasting is so similar to wine tasting. Nicholas goes to Tuscany every year for the "harvest" at a small villa and helps pick and clean and then take to the mill to press the oil. The best olive oil that you should be looking for has a D.O.P label on the bottle (Italian: Denominazione di Origine Protetta English:Protected Destination of Origin). DOP is a guarantee for you, the consumer and you can be assured that the whole product process, from the rough material to the final bottle, has been executed within the specified area which is known to provide quality olive oil.

How to taste Olive Oil: The oil usually is placed in a blue small rounded cup, placed and cuped in your palm with both hands and swirl for 40 seconds. This will warm the oil. Then basically you slurp and swallow slowly.

As the oil slid down the throat the peppery taste made some cough.

Place setting in the classroom (La Scuola)

In between tastings you take a sip of sparkling water and a slice of apple to clense the palate

Wild King Salmon and Spanish Makeral (Raw)

Oil Used: ROI: Cru Riva Gianca - from the comune of Poggi, a province of Imperia, in Liguria. This oil was very light and sweet. Not sugar sweet but a delicate balance of taste and a very slight taste of pepper. This oil is wonderful for fish and vegetables where you do not want the flavor of the oil to dominate the dish.
$39.80 at Eataly

bruschetta with tomatoe

Oil Used: Frantoio Franci: I.G.P Toscano- from the regionMontenero d'Orcia in Tuscany. This oil was "grassy" and distinctive peppery notes. This was the first of the robust oils which are wonderful for bread dipping (my favorite) and salads, as well as cutting through rich sauces, meats and soups. $24.80 at Eataly

Chef Alex Pilas preparing the soup

Tomatoe Soup thickened with Tuscan Bread

Oil Used: Frantoi Cutrera: Primo D.O.P. Monti Iblei - from the region of Chiramonte, Sicily. This was the strongest very peppery as it slid down the throat. I found is so facinating that as you taste it on bread or on the food it does not taste like pepper. Eataly and Mario Battali's Restaraunt Otto use this oil the most. The olives for this oil are harvested really early and picked green. It is known for its robust, green tomatoe and peppery profile. This oil is great with seafood, vegetables,pizza and pasta.
$34.80 at Eataly

Gelato With Oil - 4 milks from local farms

Oil Used: La Mola: D.O.P. Sabina - from the region of Sabina Rieti, Lazio. This is a round, mid bodied oil with soft buttery undertones or grass and a slow building peppery finish. This oil has a balanced structure so this oil pairs well with both meats and soups, yet remains light enough for grilled fish and fresh vegetables.
$17.80 at Eataly

some products made from olive tree's

container to store olive oil

Nicholas Coleman (Oil Expert, Me and Executive Chef Alex Pilas

Just a few of the 70 different varieties of Olive Oil Eataly sells

This was the goodie bag that had some great gifts and 3 olive oils


Donnie said...

Looks like fun but not sure about the gelato and oil though. Great post. Very interesting.

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This looks like fun! I love the photo of you Grace. You are very lovely!

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Hi Grace ~ Thanks for stopping by, i didn't take as many pics as I would have liked, so be sure to stop over at tiffany's blog - she'll have the good ones! xo

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YUMMY!!!! I mean I love olive oil, but who know you could do so much with it. Gelato? Actually looks good!!! You find all the cool places... really I REALLY like the red bag too!!! I wanna go too!!!

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thats it I am coming to new york!! lol you have so much fun! never a dull moment for you. big hugs


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What a wonderful looks like you had so much fun!!! Wonderful pictures...

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I have wanted to stop by Eataly since it opened. Now you are a sommelier of olive oil :) And that tote bag is fabulous!

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Oooh looks like you had a great time!

Victoria xx

PS Next time I'm heading to NY I'll def be getting in touch with you!