Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Kitty at Sephora

I love Sephora and I love Hello Kitty and I "LOVE" that the two teamed up for a limited edition make-up, perfume, mirrors, nail polish and nail art exclusive event! I wanted the hand held mirror, compact mirror and a necklace with perfume inside, but they were sold out at one location. I was like a little girl in a PINK candy shop. Click on SEPHORA and look at the other goodies. Do you like? I LOVE! xoox
This is a Hello Kitty face with cool eyeshadows and lip glosses.

A fun Pink Hello Kitty shower cap.

Nail gems, Pink nail polish and a small hello kitty perfume bottle. The perfume I used 100 points for and it is well worth it.


Cheryl F said...

Whaaaaaahahahah!! Too cute!!! I can see you in the shower cap..hehehheeee!!! My niece would love these too!! I'll have to go to the website and check them out!! ;p

Donnie said...

What cute Hello Kitty items. Love the shower cap too.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That really is FUN! Love this, Grace. :-)

Florence and Mary said...

Ooooh I love and want it all! LOL!

Victoria xxx

Sheena said...

Yes this is a fav of mine too. LOVE LOVE LOVE!