Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Louis Vuitton - NYC Fifth Avenue Windows

I see "Polka Dots"! Louis Vuitton the Famous "Fifth Avenue" at the corner of 57th Street in NYC is covered in black and white polka dots. Standing in the front window is a replica of Yayoi Kusama (Artist). She reminds me of Andy Warhol and as I read about who she is I discovered that they were good friends. I just love these windows, they make me smile as I pass by on my way to work everyday!

Louis Vuitton window displays at its flagship store on Fifth Avenue in NYC is paying tribute to three of Yayoi Kusama signature designs - “Beginning of the Universe” - “Eternal Blooming Flowers in My Mind” & “Self Obliteration".


Sue McPeak said...

Wow!!! What a fun display and so creative. Makes me SMILE, too. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by CITExas Gal on my 3rd Blogiversary!!!

LuLu Kellogg said...

You live in the best place in the world! I would have a happy every day if I saw this too!

Love you Pod 1!!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

What fun windows these are in the Louis Vuitton NYC flagship store, Grace! I lovethe red and white poka color scheme.

I would love to meet you one day for coffee /lunch before I move west, Grace let's set a date when it's a little cooler--I hate the humidity that is still lingering in NYC!

Sandy Michelle said...

Is that 1st statue real? You're lucky to have so much inspiration all around you as you walk to work! Have a great rest of the week!

Sandy xox

Fun With This and That said...

I love love Louis Vuitton and poke dots. I can't hardly wait to go at Thanksgiving and being in New York. NY is so wonderful. love your blog.

chubskulit said...

Always a delight to see these gorgeous pink! Catching up with Pink Saturday.

Your comment is always a treat for me!
Have a blessed weekend.

Cheryl said...

Those windows are stunning works of art. I wonder if they are considered "art"... hmmm if not they should be!

Anonymous said...

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