Tuesday, July 30, 2013

QVC - Lisa Robinson's Girls Getaway - Day 1 Friday

I attended a QVC - Lisa Robertson Girls Getaway and had a Fabulous time! None of my friends wanted or could come with me and so I put my "big girl" panties on and went. It was a great time and right away I met 3 sisters from Boston who were so cute and so sweet I felt like I was one of the "Sistas" also. (Picture to come on Sunday Day 3 post) There were so many amazing women all with the same love for QVC and of course Lisa Robertson. I have to split this post in three or I will overload you all in pictures. I started a diet 3 weeks before and obviously I was not down 50 pounds by this event....ugh I am such a procrastinator; but I left my hang ups and anxiety at home and put my "Big Girl" panties on, which by the way were looser, and had fun and sharing pictures that I normally would not. I will do a separate post for each day and at the end a separate post about all our swag bags and gifts. I hope you come back. xoox
Friday at 3:00 I met with Mally Roncal's amazing Team for a little make-up session. Gabriel did my make-up and Teenie made sure everyone was taken care of and felt beautiful. Mally's Team takes on her approach to beauty which is to teach a woman how to be feel beautiful and to teach us to be more comfortable with what we have. Truly a wonderful experience.

Teenie - me - Gabriel
I went to my room to clean up and start to get ready for the evening festivities and I heard a knock on my door...........
2 cute Desmond Hotel employees with a QVC box for ME!

this is what was inside the box (welcome package)

Our QVC Bus Lovely Hostess

Me and Linda Davies from Liz Claiborne NY

Dinner at The Farmhouse At People's Light
Chocolate covered Strawberries and champagne came from Maureen Kelly from Tarte Cosmetics who could not be there Thank you!

Ralph from Honora - Nancy works with Lisa Robertson & David Veneble QVC - Toi Original stylist for the Lisa Robertson Show QVC - Barry Ort - Kenneth Jay Lane

Lisa Robertson and Me

Doris Dalton from Dalton Cosmetics
Seriously depends how the damn camera catches you that you can look like you have the biggest face!


Fleur de Bee said...

Sooooo fun! Lucky girl! You look beautiful too!!!! Call me next time ;) xoxo

Deborah said...

You have so much fun even on your own! I think I would love to do this! Miss you! xoxoxo

Victoria Eales said...

What a lovely event and you look fabulous!


Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Grace,

Thanks for visiting me. What a great event. You look fabulous!


Sandy C said...

What a fun event and you look great!!

Sandy xox