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Lisa Robertson - QVC Girlfriends Weekend Day 2 (Saturday)

Day 2 - Saturday of QVC - Lisa Robertson's Girlfriends Weekend. All the girls met for Breakfast at the hotel and then the games began...literally! We all received a "Barn Yard" animal name on a piece of paper which separated us in groups, mine was DOG! Yes I am allergic but the girls in my group were hypo allergenic, cute, potty trained pups! lol So, as you can imagine to find your group you had to do the "sound" the animal does for me it was easy to bark. There were Pigs and cows and every other animal you can think of and of course with that comes the chaos of too many loud noises and big belly laughs. Next we formed a circle with our group (Dog) and we played musical pass the Tignanello bag around. What chaos! ahaha so much needed laughter was had by all. I was so busy telling my group hurry throw that they started late and I got eliminated first. My group was left with 2 blond cuties and then (Joyces Sister) won it. Funny because Joyce her sister Doris also won a bag but Joyce was so  sweet and gave hers to her other sister Jeannie. I love happy games.
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Doris on the right won the bag

Dog - my Team players

Sisters - Doris (L) and Joyce (R)
After our Game we boarded our buses and rode to QVC Studio Park. We walked into a big lobby set up with tables and in the entrance was a big decorated Christmas Tree. QVC was celebrating "Christmas in July" weekend. At our tables were some Philosophy products to "sample" and a big swag bag filled with products! Huge Philosophy products including my favorite cleanser Purity in a supersized bottle, oh my were they so super generous. (pictures of swag goodies and gifts to come soon) Also there was a great make-up kit with essentials from Mally!! Thank you

We had 3 of the best beauty seminars with : 1. Mally Roncal of Mally Beauty 2. Maria McCool from Calista Tools 3. Mari Lynn Meyer from Philosophy

Swag Bag filled with goodies

Lisa Robertson with an owl from a cute set QVC has (item #H200718)

Kelly 1 of our QVC Wonder Girls
Mally Roncal - Mally Beauty

Maria McCool - Calista Tools

Mari Lynn Meyer - Philosophy

Shoo Mamas Farm Fresh Cafe  Lunch - Awesome!

QVC Studio Store

What a fun Day bust we are still full of energy and after some shopping and a tour we head back to our Hotel and freshen up and back to QVC Studio Park we go for Dinner. As we walk back into the QVC Grand Lobby where we had our seminars in the morning we see the tables are decorated all lovely and the room is surrounded by Beautiful dresses Mark Zunino designed for Lisa Robertson for some Jewelry Remote shows from Vincena Italy and other QVC shows! There are no pictures that can explain properly how exquisite these gowns were. The detail was incredible. Mark Zunino is a wonderful designer who also makes gorgeous wedding dresses. He spoke to us about our body types and how no matter what size you should dress with clothes that fit. If you are big does not mean you wear your tummy or wear huge baggy clothes but you should wear tailored outfits that fit your body. I did not care about the skinny talk No actually he was awesome and apparently Lisa helps in the designs of his dresses for her. 

Tova Borgnine - Tova Perfume

Lisa Robertson (QVC) and Mark Zunino (Designer)
Some of the gorgeous gowns Mark Zunino designed for Lisa Robertson. Black leather jacket will be on sale soon on the Lisa Robertson Show Friday Evenings. (look at QVC program Guide for local listings)

Kathy Gendel (Breezies) Doris Dalton (Dalton Cosmetics) Kalina Gendel (Breezies)Catherine Gendel (Beezies)
Tova Borginine (Tova perfume) and Laurissa Gendel (Breezies)
 Note: The Gendel Family have a few wonderful lines for intimate apparel on QVC. They design exclusively for QVC.

Lisa Robertson, Kalina Gendel and Angelo a fabulous "Stylist" with awesome shoes!!
Angelo is a wonderful Stylist and works with Lisa and "The Lisa Robertson Show". He is so classy and adds lots of "Lisa Robertson Style". Together I feel that they bring a certain Fashion Class things I would wear and not look like they were from a home shopping channel. (Not that some of the other clothes are not stylish) lol Angelo and Eva (darn no picture of Eva) sat with us at our table along with Nancy and we had a blast. Angelo has the best Christian Louboutin Spiked Loafers! Laura Geller was at the next table and stopped by for a quick photo. She is the most "real" person ever. Her make-up line is fabulous!

Angelo, Laura Geller and Me

Valerie Parr Hill - QVC and Lisa Robertson 
Valerie Par Hill brings beautiful home and seasonal decor to QVC. She left us these beautiful mercury glass candles as gifts. Dinner was either a choice of Fish or Vegetarian and I ate Vegetarian some veggies and a little rice. It was an odd choice. People did say the fish was delicious it was not for alot of us.

Lisa Robertson with a Dooney & Bourke Swag Bag for us

Me & Renee Goldstein - She has lines at QVC Attitudes by Renee and Women with Control

Dooney and Bourke Swag Bag 

After Dinner and a crazy huge beautiful Dooney and Bourke over flowing swag bag we got taken to the QVC Outlet for some shopping. I am not an aggressive shopper so I didn't like this part and went back to the bus where there were lots of other lovely ladies. Put bags and ladies together and you have drama!! lol Then off to try to pack all our fabulous goodies so we could check out in the morning and go to Longwood Gardens. Day 3 coming soon....

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