Tuesday, August 13, 2013

QVC-Lisa Robertson Girlfriends Weekend - Longwood Gardens (Day 3)

Sunday was the 3rd QVC - Lisa Robertson's Girlfriend (there was 1 man) weekend! We all wet to Longwood Gardens for a wonderful Breakfast with some wonderful hosts. It was so sad because we were going to leave in a few hours and all our new friendships would have to be on hold until we found some on Facebook. You read correct about 1 man attended....His name was Angelo and at first most of us cringed and said it wasn't fair or right that there was a man on a girls weekend. That just opens the door for another time other men coming and then it is "NOT" a girlfriends weekend. Angelo was lovely and played along with all the games. The reason he was there was because his mom wanted to come and did not want to attend alone. Good Son and like I said lovely. This is my "opinion" on men attending women's events and outings: 1. we are out to escape the men in our lives for a little while 2. Men do not get our "obsession" with QVC, Make-Up, Jewelry, Clothing and Housewares (if they do I don't wish to discuss unless he is a vendor or Host at QVC) 3. When you get home and the husband or boyfriend or father sees the picture and hears you talking about the one man you have to explain why they could not go (not that they wanted) and 4. Some people felt uncomfortable. 5. Imagine losing a pocketbook or make-up to a man? whahahaha Like I said I was fine and he was lovely but hopefully there will not be a mad dash another time of grown men using the excuse of their moms can't travel alone to attend. That is at the discretion of QVC and the host so really not up to anyone else.
We boarded our bus and got to Longwood Gardens

There was a beautiful tent set up for our breakfast and at our place setting our favor was Josie Maran Argan Soaps(S6810 - $25.00). The scents are lovely and I have already showered with one and your skin feels amazing after. 

Rachel Boesing - QVC Host
Claire (Lisa's Social Media Assistant) and Lisa Robertson

Albany Irvin - QVC Host

Breakfast Buffet

Antonella Nester - QVC Host

me - Jackie - Arlene - Joyce - Doris, Jeannie

Jackie, Arlene, Joyce, Doris and Jeanne were leaving right after breakfast and I was going to hit the major spots in Longwood Gardens so we stopped by the topiaries for  a quick picture together and then I went on my fast hot tour!

I wanted to see the Waterlily Queen first. I had read about this beauty and it really took my breath away! Even though my pictures are great it was so incredible being there in person and seeing it's beauty.

Next was the Peirce du Pont House. 




I walked this trail to the Italian Water Garden and a few times I was spooked and wanted to walk back but the anticipation of seeing the Italian Fountains made me jog in the heat! lol There was absolutely no one on this trail.
Longwood Gardens has 3 Tree Houses. This one below is called "Canopy Cathedral". 

The Italian Water Garden was amazingly beautiful! I was exhausted by the time I got there and sat for a little while and just reflected on everything and nothing. Sometimes you need to be alone to ground yourself and think. 
I have one more post about our "swag" gifts but I truly feel that the friendships and experience of the weekend was our biggest Swag Gift! Thank you Lisa Robertson, QVC, Hosts and all who gave us swag gifts and spoke to us. When I grow up I want to attend and plan fun weekends...lol xoox

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