Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WE-dnesday - ME Time

Have you ever heard: "You think too much"  I want to scream back, yes but I also love too much and put others before ME too much ! I would be proud saying that but should I? Recently I found myself so hurt and upset frustrated and tired and no matter how I tried hard to get my point across on "ME" and my feelings I got talked down too and I let it happen. "WE" are women we are strong and fierce but can turn into a weak helpless soul. I decided I need to stop complaining and letting people make me weak, wait stop that ..... No-one make you weak, no-one makes you do or not do anything if "WE" do not give them the power. I leave you with that thought for now and my hope is that I (ME/WE) can be strong, dream our dreams and do and worry about ourselves harder than we do what others see, feel say and do to us!

My ME , WE-densday purchase is from QVC - New Beauty Magazine and Test Tube.  There are so many samples and full sized products. I am on Auto-Delivery and it is a new adventure and escape everytime! I love New Beauty Magazine, it has so many articles on products how to use them and little tricks and tips.
Alterna Bamboo Dry Oil Mist -  Bliss Energizing Mask- IT Cosmetics Mascara- Mally Beauty Shadow Stick-Philosophy miracle worker for eyes - Perricone MD Moisturizer - Peter Thomas Roth Oil less Oil - WEN by Chaz Dean Pomegranate Finishing Treatment Creme - New Beauty Magazine

Most of you read my blog and do not leave comments and I wanted to share a new e-mail address for you to contact me ( and ask questions on what would Pink In The City do; in work situations in some dating issues and just random Girlfriend questions. I am just Blogger not a "Trained Expert" but sometimes WE need our Girlfriends for advice not a trained expert! I will save that for the therapist. WE all need to stick together and take time to take care of "ME"... See you next WE-dnesday! xoox


Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Yes Grace, "ME" time is so precious. It allows us to reflect and think and pray and become a better person. So sorry you have been frustrated with people around you. It's funny because I was just thinking the same thing lately. I've always loved your PINK design background.

I hope you're enjoying the Autumn days. A relative of mine moved to New York and said it snows often and is so cold. That must be a sight at Christmas time.


Sandy C said...

I hope you're doing lots of stuff for YOU because you definitely deserve it. Do you need me to beat someone up for you? Just let me know! XoxSandy

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, I stopped by for Pink Saturday, but continued to browse your page a little. I see my dear friend, Sheri stopped by too. Pleasure to meet you.
I couldn't agree more with ME time. On my birthday last month, I decided I'm going to treat myself to something for ME every weekend, but instead of a household product, I'm going to purposely choose something that goes on my body, even if it's lipstick or a scarf. As women, we give SO much. It's a good thing to take care of us too.
Stay fabulous!!