Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cupcake Hat Kit

I was waiting in anticipation for this cute cupcake hat kit from "PeaCoats and Party Hats" from Miss Candice! She has been really busy lately and so had to postpone putting the new kit up, but she was full of "cupcake teasers" LOL! Run don't walk get this kit it is so darling she really puts her heart into everything she makes sells and does. Oh and did I mention that these "cupcakes" will not make you fat? Yes! Oh Girls how could I forget...so today I kept checking the site looking for this kit and pow I read on her blog "we just had an earthquake" oh no first I wrote made sure all was ok in LA and later thought hmmm I wonder if we will see this kit today! LOL and of course she was ok and posted it. What a trooper. I think I need to post about real cupcakes soon... Yes a reason to go out and investigate. Are there any in particular you ladies would like me to go try for you? I promise to post pictures also...I love you girls!

Tomorrow night American Idol Concert with my neice and cousin!


Candice Carpenter said...

Awwwww! Thank you so much Grace!! You are such a doll...if we ever meet i am going to squeeze the heck out of you!!

Sara said...
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Sara said...

Candice, I know Grace personally and give her a big squeeze every time I see her -- she's an awesome friend ... she's a cupcake fiend! Your kit looks awesome! Sorry to be talking to Candice on your comments Gracie! I love your blog - I'm so happy you decided to do it!


Grace said...

Oh How pinkalicious cupcake special girlfriend chat on my blog! I love you to Sara Sister and thank you for the biggest final push to start a blog. We have to go to an event where Candice is soon. Big Fans. Thanks Fabulous friends. Hugs Grace
PS everyone feel free to chat anytime to each other

Sandra Evertson said...

Good news to hear the quake wasn't too bad!