Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bliss on a Wednesday Night.........

Ahh Sheer "Bliss" on a Wednesday night. For Christmas Marious and Ravi at work gave me Monica and Vicki gift cards to Bliss Spa. I had a pina colada pedicure, yes they served non alcoholic pina coladas! Mine had a pink umbrella how did they know??? LOL! Monica also was supposed to get the same but had a last minute emergency and made a new appointment for Monday afternoon, but she did meet us and go out to dinner. Vicki had a deep tissue massage. As I sat there I got to watch "Ugly Betty" there were earphones so we could relax eat cheese, crackers, olives, cucumbers, cookies, bottled water and pitchers of lemon water. After we were done they gave us so many samples and a new bottle of redish nail polish...I am into light pinks but maybe in the winter a pedicure will be ok with it. We ate at Bobby Vans on 54th Street. We did not have steak this time.... too much to eat on a Wednesday and we are all watching our weight right now. But the food was incredible as always. All this fun shared with 3 great friends who also work together on a "Blissful" Wednesday night!

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Anonymous said...

ohh looks like you had fun lucky girl!! hugs