Sunday, August 24, 2008

Teenage Vampire addiction...

I have a few friends and blog friends that are hooked on the "Twilight Saga": Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn, and so am I. I am finally on the last book Breaking Dawn (754 pages). It is a teenager series but with a huge following not quite as big as Harry Potter but big. So at times it was slow and you could guess what was going to happen but all in all it has been great getting to know Edward the rich handsome old fashioned vampire and Jacob the sweet young werewolf.
Some crafty - scrapbooking things to come this week...I promise! Some cute Pink Cupcake finds.


Sara said...

I just got this series! I didn't realize it was about Vampires! I love vampire stories!

It was great spending the day with you on Saturday -- fun, fun, fun.

Samantha said...


Is this you? I saw your comment on our blog and I was so pleased!
Please reply and let me know. I wanted to ask if you wanted to do a me and you swap for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

GRACIE!!!! Hi there, you have an awesome blog. Alexandra and I have read all the books is huge among her friends. They can't wait for the movie to come out in November. Me
Love ya, Elizabeth