Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Bookmaking Shopping Eating Fun!

I had to jump ahead a little on the blogging because I have way too much to write and wanted to post about some scrapping stuff first. So Saturday Me and my Best Friend Sara went to
Connecticut to Scrapbook Clubhouse to take 2 classes with the very talented Carol Wingert.

We made 2 books that looked so complicated and were a snap to complete. ( not totally finished yet) During the 1st class there was a "Muster" (1: a representative specimen : sample2 a: an act of assembling; specifically : formal military inspection b: critical examination c: an assembled group) outside. It was a parade with bands and dressed in 14th Century attire. Next door there was the cutest Victorian House (Beautiful Impressions) that housed rubber stamps and 1 little side that you could order ice-cream from the outside.

They also had a little festival set up across the street where they had food and had a bunch of old items and antiques where I bought a French Tea Jar for $1. I bought a few of Paper Doll Part Stamps. In NYC they are $23 at Kate's Paperie and her they were $16.00. We had lunch at this "healthy Mexican place and what was I thinking to order quesadilla and nachos and tacos....yes folks I did! I was thinking Taco Bell they were thinking Mexican Feast! No wonder they were staring at me funny...hahaha A little bit of advice though when you see "healthy" next to a food like Mexican do not stop on in! It was fine but had tofu and cardboard taste to it. Oh and no I did not eat it all! LOL! Oh and the Burrito was Sara's, we just kept laughing just staring at the food.

When we were done we went to Ikea bought some shadow boxes to make future swap items. Then a few more stores and I got home at 9:30 PM exhausted inspired full and happy.


JeanetteS said...

How wonderful that you got the opportunity to be personally inspired by the great Carol Wingert. And it sounds like you found some bargains while shopping too!

Stevie K said...

How fabulous! Love the mini books. Looks like y'all had a blast!