Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cupcake Paper...Diet

Today was the first day back to a strict diet! I gained about 14 pounds and have to learn that if I get upset or mad or depressed that I should stick to the diet stronger and then be healthier look better and say (on the inside of course) "eat your heart out"! I will learn I promise. Well I was busy creating tonight after going walking and found a bag and inside was this cute cheer me up 12 x 12 scrapbook paper! Look at the darling cupcakes! Ahh this is what I am talking about 1 diet day down filled with cupcake paper for dessert. Right now I guess I will just enjoy looking at it and savor the paper until I have time to scrap again.


Sara said...

Looks yummy! It always feels better getting "back on track" and in CONTROL (of food, life, etc.) If anyone can do it -- its you, cupcake! Hang in there...


Scrappy Jessi said...

oohh that paper is darling.

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!! thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the coastal Hurricane! We got lucky this time. No damage and no flooding! I love that cupcake paper must share where ya got it!!! And I just got the chance to see your sneak peek below!! It looks soo great! I cant wait to see everything!! dont forget to post on flickr group!!hugs


Stevie K said...

That paper is so fabulously yumm-0! Diets are so hard. I think I'd be better if I had another person to exercise with lol. And Mt. Dew I just can not kick! *sigh*