Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gypsy WItches Cupboard Swap Goodies..

Helooo!! I was sitting at work waiting for my 2 first "ebay" purchases (of course when I get I will share)...well I see this box from PA and say nah Stevie did not! She did ladies. I was sending mine next week. I figured she would want me to open the same time but she wrote me back that she was hoping I would rip right into them. So this morning I placed all the boxes and took a picture then sat there and opened everything like a child at Christmas! I should have had them take a picture of me with my pink jammies with this glazed look over me. I wanted to stay home and put my stuff out on display but will Saturday (tomorrow) we are expecting the rain and wind from the Huricanes so can't go out. Nah nah nah nah (sticking tounge out) looky what I got!

(1) everything wrapped all pretty (2) Boyds bear with cute decorated witches hat holding a wand, a painted cute pumpkin, a pretty frame decorated decoupage with a beautiful Halloween picture inside, and a decorated wood block Halloween decorations all over (3) the wood block decorated (4) 2 beautiful Tags Stevie made (5) pumpkin candy dish, swirly colorful lollipop, make yourself a necklace candy, gummy pizza, 2 make your own Halloween frames, and a strawberry candy and a cute witch Hallmark card (6) A pretty cut out tin bag with witch in front, K & Co. Scrapbook Halloween cutouts, Harvest room spray, book ornament sign, 2 Yankee orange candles, Martha Stewart Halloween cupcake cups (7) Non Halloween cute extra stuff tissues with a pink initial G, a book mark with dangly crown at the end, a wood block that says grace decorated with cute stuff, note cards with chandelier (favorite thing)!
Woweeee my fingers are falling off! LOL! I love everything Stevie and I can't wait to go home and play and decorate. Thank you Sarah so much this was such a fun swap. Stevie is now a is a "new" FRIEND it was so wonderful getting to know her and her family.


Stevie K said...

Whoo Hoo!!! Girlfriend I am so excited everything arrived in good condition! I had to shove it all in and move stuff around LOL. I thought the die cuts could be used as confetti around the decor, or of course for scrapbooking/altering! Josh and I so have to come to the big apple and meet 'ya this fall!!! Enjoy!!! Lots of Love

Kim Caldwell said...

What amazing goodies! It is the best when your partner spoils you silly! Congrats!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cool stuff!

Sara said...

Very cool stuff! Good job Stevie!