Sunday, September 21, 2008

Martha at Macy's NY "peak"

I was at Macy's Herald Square in NYC and went upstairs to the "Christmas" department and SCORE they were setting up for their display that will be opened up in October. Well the lovely girl let me peak and I asked if I could take some pictures and had to share with all of you. How cool is that way before the public see it Me and all of you are seeing it. There is a bad picture of a opened shadow box but oh so altered it is. I kept thinking wow I can do this I can make this and oh those talented "Blog" ladies will definitely make these. Love Martha she is unique and her colors are always so vintage. The prices are not bad either. So Ladies if you are in NY go upstairs I believe the 8th Floor Furniture Department and go look and buy and also get lots of ideas for your projects!


JeanetteS said...

Oh I must get to Macy's. Love all things white & Christmasy.

Stevie K said...

Aaack! What heaven!!! I love my Martha!!! Thanks for the peeks! xo said...

how fun to get a sneak peek! and Martha always gets it right!

Anonymous said...

OMG YOU LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!! I soo want that pink little tree!! hmm how much were they and I might get you to get me some around christmas time?! ill mail you some money haha but anywho! i just had to come by and say THANK YOU!!! your soooo sweet and kind and I am soo blessed to have you as a friend. I do consider you this even though weve never met or talked in real life!! people that came to my blog and supported me and left me words of encouragment and love touched my heart more then any of yall willever know!!! I just wanted to take the time today to go to everyone and tell them thank you personally!! If I was there by you I would proably be crying and would give you the biggest hug you proably ever got in your life but since im not heres one for you!!
((((((((BIG BIG HUGS))))))))))


T=ME said...

How cool is that? Thanks for the sneek peek. You're right.....we could do that. It's just that she has the bucks and people to do it. Good for her! Terri

Sweetina said...

OOOO I would love to be in the city this time od year! Love NYC in the Fall and Christmas!!!
Those are some gorgeous ornaments and decorations~the hues are devine! I love your blog,Grace!
Thanks for visiting and entering the Drawing. Goodluck!

JeanetteS said...

Hey, Grace! Hope all is well. I also want to let you know that I just tagged you with a marvelous quiz. Hope you'll join in.