Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII - Boulevard in NYC

This week NYC Times Square was turned into Superbowl XLVIII Boulevard. There were so many exciting and fun things to do and see from a tremendous Toboggan Slide, Fox Sports and their massive studio built in the Center of Times Square with the Blue NFL Robot "Cleatus" that looked like he was throwing the football at the Spectacular Times Square New Years Crystal Ball over the 2014! The excitement was amazing everyone from babies in carriages to older men and women were enjoying this NFL Superbowl amusement park. I ate dinner at Forty Ate a Danny Meyers Pop-Up Restaurant (Eater's NY Review) at the Renaissance Hotel. I had taken pictures of the Super Bowl Rings but the glass case at night was not being nice to my camera. When I went back the Hostess would not let me go in before 10:00 PM. Oh Well. 

Macy's Herald Square was Decked out in its NFL Gear inside and out. The 4th Floor was transformed to a Super Bowl Extravaganza. Sea Hawks and Bronco fans were not the only ones there,tourist that were fascinated that American Football is so celebrated, bought treasures also. Charles Fazzino a local Artist is selling so many of his amazing art. I can't wait to watch the Super Bowl to cheer the Seahawks and the Broncos on and of course to see the Fabulous Commercials! H&M and David Beckham....I can't wait!! 

Charles Fazzino - Artist

Charles Fazzino - Artist

Yes you are seeing blue and Pink Rats



Victoria Eales said...

I love how enthusiastic everyone gets about the Superbowl in the States.


vivian said...

Hey Gracie! looks like youre enjoying all of the superbowl hoopla! Im not a football fan, but I like any reason to party and have yummy foods! lol! great pictures, especially the pink and blue rat pic. Except that those poor things look COLD!
OH well.. so many nutso people out there huh? I do have to admit that I always say I want a white poodle so I can dye it pink! lol!
have a great superbowl sunday!

Marie Arden said...

Happy New Year Loved the snow scenes so pretty. We had our own snow disaster here they never learn how to deal with it here.
Happy Valentines day too!