Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas in New York - Lord & Taylor WIndows

Day 7 of Christmas 2015 in New York City:

What happened to Day 6? Life! Food poisoning did me in and so I took a little Holiday break and recharged. I took the Holiday Yellow Taxi Sled and flew to Lord and Taylor on Fifth Avenue. I felt like this was New York - Vegas. Bright arches lined the sidewalk all lit with twinkling lights. A wonderland awaited as I pressed my face against the windows full of gingerbread, cute cupcakes and all sorts of beautiful cakes and patries and candy...oh my! It is a Sweet Festive Holiday celebration. Lord and Taylor's Windows are always a treat. Have to go I just got invited into the window for a snowman cupcake! See you tomorrow.

fun cupcakes

white gingerbread mansion

White Gingerbread Owl CLock


GingerbreadHome with lots of Dancing Gingerbread people

Sweet FrenchPatissere 

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Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I hope you're fully recovered from your bout of food poisoning.

Victoria x