Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas in New York - Saks Fifth Avenue Windows

Day 9 Christmas in New York:

Hello Saks Fifth Avenue Gorgeousness. What a Spectacular Winter Palace theme. Saks has a beautiful light show on the Fifth Avenue Facade. Every 10 minutes in the evening the Winter Palace lights up Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center with its stunning glimmering lights and beautiful music. (see video below) The windows are displays of the Palace interior, everything is frozen over and the main windows showcase frozen landmarks around the world with the Queen of Frost nearby dressed in white outfits putting her touch on the world! A little "Dark" I would say not your typical  lively Holiday theme but very beautiful. I guess a Dark Frozen? I wanted to enter the beautiful Winter Palace but I don't want to get "Frost Bite". Where should I go next? I think I need to sit down a bit a show a dinner or maybe both. Be careful below it gets icy....

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