Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas in NY-Rolf's German Restaurant

Christmas in New York Day 3: 
As I was leaving The St. Regis Hotel Captain the Wooden Soldier recommended that I go eat at Rolf's German Restaurant at 22nd Street and Third Avenue. He also told me I would have Christmas sensory overload, and oh I did. Hold tight there is lots of traffic in NYC this time of year to the trains I go.  Rolf's is a Magical place this time of year with every inch of the ceilings and walls decorated. I did not know where to look first. Well I basically had no choice as it was very crowded with people as well as all the pretty decorations so I was told to look at the menu first. There were so many appetizing German Specialties. As I waited for my food I got up to take some pictures of the sparkle and glitter and vintage dollies hung with care. It was spectacular for sure. They give you alot of tasty food but I only ate a little to leave room for the tasty apple crepe. Ok people can someone tell me where Santa is???? Taxi........

Bar area

Vintage Dolls 


apple crepe

I love this painting

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Looks so festive!!!