Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas in NY Day 16- Anthropologie

Day 16 of Christmas in New York:

Anthropologie window displays are a sweet gingerbread and sugary bakery display. I had my nose pressed against the windows looking in like a 5 year old in a candy store. I walked back and forth and in and out and discovered so many little treasures. What do they do with these displays when it is over I would love some gingerbread houses and a cake for my Journey to 50! As I went back inside Anthropologie I bought a few gifts for me....shhh don't tell anyone! Must go back to finish my shopping for others. Look at the pictures below as baker tools were used in the display. 

Faux cakes with no calories... do not bite!

gingerbread village

can you spot all the kitchen and bakers tools?

whisks make the flower stem

cake pans make the inside of the flower

going to try to squeeze into this village for a little sleep tummy full

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Red Rose Alley said...

Anthropologie, one of my favorites shops!! I am lovin' this "Christmas in New York" series that you've posted. Such fun times you had during the month of December. Thanks for sharing, Grace. I'm off to check out more of your posts. :)