Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas in NY Day 14 - Henri Bendel

Day 14 of Christmas in New York:

I adore Henri Bendel and their adorable decorations every year. I got to go to an event for the unveiling of the Holiday Decor and to meet the Fabulous Artist of the Bendel Girl artwork Izak Zenou. The first 20 people who made a purchase and got on line was to receive a Bendel Girl artwork. On line I was and made a bunch of new friends as we discussed how fabulous these girls were and how excited we were to meet Izak Zenou. We ate cupcakes and sipped champagne and we heard a squeal and the news spread quickly that he was sketching us as a Bendel Girl. As I approached and finally sat down I was being sketched not as a Bendel Girl but my face. People oohed and ahhed and I am very critical of myself and was so nervous that my face was out there for all these strangers to see. He asked me not to move not to make faces to sit straight and so I did not know what was going on. At least as a Bendel Girl I would be skinny and not really able to tell it is you, almost a little fairytale for a moment. He showed me and I loved it I really really loved it and got a little emotional. Cameras started to flash and everyone was saying wow that is YOU he sketched YOU. I put her away and I was gathering my thoughts on turning 50 in May and my goals for this journey, I brought her out ready to frame. I am going to make a 50 Journey memory board and she is my inspiration. Thank you Mr. Zenou for helping me find me and starting to like Myself again. 

Lets go Swing on a Henri Bendel Tree and Shop till we drop.....See you tomorrow! 


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I cannot wait to visit Henri Bendell when I'm in the US next month. I just adore everything out it

Victoria x

Karen said...

So cool! You get to do the most amazing things.