Tuesday, December 13, 2011

13th Day of NY Christmas - Saks

On the 13th Day of New York Christmas I walk out of Sephora to look at the windows at Saks. Must say, so not impressed. For the past few years it seems they have a new person in charge and have based their window design on a children's book. This year it is "Who Makes the Snow".It is about a little girl named Holly who walks through the doors of Saks to fill her curiosity and visits the land of the Bubble Makers. The book and story are very adorable and would make a great gift. The inside of the store is decorated the same with a white and gold winter wonderland. The Holiday Department is beautiful. Also this year Saks removed their famous "Snowflakes" that covered the Fifth Avenue side. When at Rockefeller Center and you walk away from the Tree you would see them all aglow. They had a cute display every half hour the windows look like they open up and bubbles and snowflakes come pouring out onto the building to music. OOOh There he is staring at the American Girl dolls, it is the Wooden Soldier. He hears the music and started to wiggle. I have to go more places to see.

Chocolate Bar with all the sweets and desserts going all around as you sit and enjoy some coffee or hot chocolate. Wonderful place to sit and relax.


Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Grace,

Well, once again the magic of NYC!
A chocolate bar? How chic is that!


Fun With This and That said...

I love the pig.

Cheryl said...

The book looks like it would make a nice gift. I think the story is very sweet... I like the big shoe!! very cool!!