Friday, December 9, 2011

9th Day of NY Christmas - Bergdorf Goodman

On the 9th Day of New York Christmas I run to Bergdorf Goodman at the suggestion of "Lamp Lady" (See post below). She told me there would be Magic at Bergdorf and Marie Antoniette would be sitting in the Christmas Department! The window display is amazing the theme is Carnival of Animals and my pictures can't possibly do it justice. The inside of the store is a "winter white" fairy tail dream come true. I headed to the decorations department and there was no sign of Marie Antoniette yet but lots of ornaments and a fireplace with stockings hanging and beautiful trees made from tin. I was enjoing the atmosphere when I spot Marie's hair! Oh noooo I gasped Monkey Marie Antoniette? How could this be? I have to run I have lots of places still to see....back to work I have to run!

Holiday Department

Monkey Marie Antoniette?


Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Grace,

Yaaay! Love this place, they have amazing window display desingers!


Rita Vindedzis said...

Hi Grace. I had coffee with Gabriela yesterday and she had so many wonderful things to say about you. I have been reading through your blog and am loving it. I sooooo want to be in New York at Christmas time but haven't had the opportunity yet. Thanks for sharing the beauty and energy of your city. Love all the sparkly lights and bows.

Fun With This and That said...

I have heard NY was wonderful You really show it off I never knew .I t is past amazing Thank you for showing I would love to go see. Laura

Marie Arden said...

Still enjoying all the windows. THanks Grace

Cheryl said...

Well the lamp lady was certainly correct!! WOWIE!! Just absolutely beautiful!! This has to be my favorite so far!! The windows look so magical!!! ;p