Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was reading this fabulous blog with the ever so loverly "Saucy" showing her great vanity table and draws with all her make-up treasures and I started to drool! I have sooooo much make-up. "I am Grace and I have a problem" ok I have several! So now she put this idea in my head and looking for the "perfect fabulous" vanity.... Then Tuesday I picked up the Premeir Issue of Sandra Lee's Magazine and as I turned the pages I squeeled with delight at all these cute pink things foods and look a pink vanity table that she saved from being a garbage old desk!!! Oh my the excitement how pretty pink!

But reality smacked me in the face and said hellooooo Gracie Girl are you really going to find in NY an old desk and will it ever really come out so pretty and perfect?? Buy something or better yet keep dreaming honey! LOL! So I will start a little "dream" book so ladies send me pictures of where you have your make-up and if you have a vanity I would love to drool at it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Henri Bendell - Hello Kitty and Mac - Shopaholic

I work above Henri Bendel in NYC. They have so many events and the best make-up section on the first floor. Mac launched their Hello Kitty line and had a party...of course I went they sent me an invite! So I went downstairs and was floored they had big men with Black Hello Kitty Heads on their hot bodies, stuffed dolls balloons, tattoos (fake)and make-up artists making you all dolled up and of course lots of shopping.. I bought a make-up bag, a bracelet and some make-up. After I went out with some friends. They also have this chocolate coffee room upstairs so much fun. If ever in New York you must stop by and say hi and we will go for some "shopping".

Confessions of a Shopaholic was filmed in Henri Bendel...

As they were filming this movie mostly at night and weekends they had to use my offices. I was there "working late" 2 times. It was so exciting! So I had to go see this movie and "How Stinkin Cute"! It was so amazing seeing the store and so many different landmarks that I often pass. This is another "not going to win any awards" movie but I loved it. Now I need to go find me a "Green Scarf"! (go watch and find out)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sephora - The Real Housewives of NYC

At noon Sephora on Fifth Avenue in NYC had a Preview event for Season 2 of "The Real Housewives of New York City". The first 300 people got these big goody bags filled with lots of products from Sephora...incredible I was expecting sample sizes but no, there were super sized items. We all waited in the cold and I took lunch earlier to stand on line and we all thought we would get to meet the "GIRLS" but it was odd 2 came in for photos apparently they were there earlier took pictures left and then 2 showed up again really fast. But it was worth it to get the goody bags. Tonight at 10:00 PM (NY time) on Bravo starts the 2nd season of the show. Check your local listings, it is really cool to see NYC and the awesome clothes and jewelry.
Goody Bag Filled to the Rim

Bethenny Frankel (single appeared on Martha the Apprentice)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Well my home computer is on the fritz..hopefully just the monitor! So I wanted to wish all you lovely Ladies a Very Happy Valentine's Day! Love You All...xoxoxox

*****Was definately the screen got a new one and working*****

Sunday, February 8, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I am single in NYC and that whole Sex And The City "myth" annoys me! I went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" and so many single women and groups of younger girls were present to learn what we already know but needed confirmation now one week before Valentine's Day! The movie started with a little girl playing at the park making sand castles and a little boy walked up to her and she looked up all bright eyed and he told her that she looked and smelled like poo and broke her sand castle and her heart; when she ran in tears to her mom she said to her "the boy likes you that is why he was so mean"! Ugh no no no he is just a miserable little boy that is the truth. LOL! Ok so you can't tell your little girls nieces or grandchildren that??? So we grow up thinking when they don't ask us out that he is threatened by how wonderful we are or he has been too busy or his or our phones do not work! This one girl was told that all this humiliation she was going through calling the guy asking him out or waiting for the call that was not going to happen that she was the "RULE" not the exception....Exceptions don't happen often although our friends and families have "Exception" stories...(3 years ago Ann went out with this man and he never called her back or asked her out again but they met 3 years later in the supermarket and he knew she was the one and they got married 6 months later)! So this movie is not winning an award it was cute we laughed we screamed "NO" lots of times and I walked out wanting to be the "EXCEPTION"..not the "RULE"! But at some point if we search down deep in our hearts married single a boyfriend for 9 years, whatever story we have we now what is wrong about our relationships or lack of we just think too hard with our Hearts.... I liked it!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Won a Fabulous Prize!

I never win anything but I was reading this great Blog "The Other Side of Me" and the lovely talented Tammy was having a contest and so I left a comment and won! Please go look at her blog she is really so cute and talented. The pail was filled to the brim, oh my everything was blue inside! The pictures do not do it justice. Look at all my goodies...Thank You So Much Tammy!

(fabric and 3 beautiful pins and a cute crown)