Monday, November 29, 2010

Sandy Visits NYC Part 1

I met Sandy from Canada (Sandy's Creations)in Blogland and she told me about a dream of hers of coming to NYC to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. And so she had her dream come true and arrived Wednesday before Thanksgiving and off we went. We exchanged gifties. (I will share what I received on Pink Saturday)I gave Sandy gifties in this tote I decorated for her. Wednesday we did so much that we walked 5 hours straight. Wow! Well she was leaving on Saturday evening and it is a Big City! I obviously can not post everything we did on Wed in one post or post all the photos but I do promise to try hard to get most up there. So I hope you enjoy your peak into our Thanksgiving weekend Day 1!
Lunch was at Mars 2112 with the martians! We took a short spaceship ride into the red planet of Mars!

First Stop after Lunch was Tinsel Trading! Lots of treasures beautiful bottle brush trees and Christmas Decor!

We stopped by Bryant Park and shopped a little and I had to take a picture with the Baci chocolate man. Baci mean kisses in Italian. So I guess these chocolates are the Italian version of the US Hershey Kisses.
Bryant Park Shops

Wednesday evening we went to 79th and Columbus Ave to watch them blow up and test the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons.
Kool Aid Man with Macy's Football

Hello Kitty

Sandy with Pumpkin Balloon


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and your Family and Friends a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Saturday-Baubles & Bling-East Coast Art Retreats

Happy Pink Saturday! I am so happy so share a beautiful mixture of Holiday "Baubles & Bling"! This was hosted by Sallianne at her "Homestead" (Art is You)and donations at the front door will be given to "The Westchester Bereavement Center and Eastchester SEPTA". It was so fun to visit my great friends from NJ Cheryl, Marlene and Kecia, and Pam Huntington from CT. I am so sorry for all the photos but I did leave a bunch out. There were so many pieces from so many talented artists and I have to tell you I did alot of damage and I thought I was getting there again on Friday early enough to buy some more and I got there and all was packed...whatever was left! Well they had to get ready for Pam Huntington's Theatre workshop that I will be at Saturday am...jealous??? I am so thrilled can not wait to share. We all went out for a wonderful dinner and then off to bed and home for me to rest for our class. I wish everyone could have come and shopped. Enjoy your weekend...xoxo
Please Visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for some more Pink Saturday Fun!

Marlene - Me - Cheryl

Cheryl of Nouveaux Portmanteau

Kecia Lemoncoly's Flight of Fancy

Marlene Miz Bee's Beautiful Crowns

Jenny & Aaron Everyday is a Holiday

**Marlene wanted me to add that her crown with the rolled paper medalion on with picture was inspired by Ann Denise Anderson of Whim and Fancy Design! Ann Denise taught us at a make and take in April 2010 and also was published In Sommerset Holiday Magazine.**

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Johanna Parker Designs Giveaway

Johanna Parker is having a Fabulous Give-away so run on over to her wonderful blog and enter!! I love snowmen and snow women it is acceptable to have round big bottoms. Maybe if I wear a white big rimmed skirt I can say I am a snow woman? whawhawha I crack myself up! Good Luck to all... xoxo

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pink Saturday - Fabulous Pink Winning

Happy Pink Saturday! I love this post. I won "Craft-In" 12 project booklets for your own crafty gatherings, edited by Kathleen McCafferty from Jennifer Hayslip's blog (Sweet Eye Candy Creations). Her friend the talented Debrina Pratt (Whimsical World of Fairies)asked her to be a guest in her adorable booklet "Mint Tin Tiny World". Jenn created the sweet beautiful Pink sugary tin called Sugary Neverland that I did not know I would be receiving also and DID!! Get out!!! I was reading Debrina's cool project and was thrilled enough to win that then the Pink Sugary Neverland arrived. Thank you so much for my fabulous winnings. They will be treasured always. The other books are so much fun also. SO look for this set and buy it and try to make your own Mint Tins.

Hop on over to Beverly from How Sweet the Sound to visit with more Pink Saturday Goodness!

Mint Tin - "Debrina Pratt" (Jennifer Hayslip Sugary Neverland in here) & Retro Paper Doll Party - "Suzie Millions" Both my "Pink" Favorites!!!