Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shecky's Wine and Shopping Tour

I have been to quite a few Shecky's events, but this was my first wine and shopping event. It was so worth the money spent. You should check to see if they have events in your area and grab a few girlfriends...or yourself and go! It was Saturday at 4:30 I woke up to thunder and lightening and was upset because I thought we would not go to the event. I got up took a shower and was still raining so could not wear a cute outfit I had planned to. So I met my friend Maria and we took a bus from the city with 2 bus loads full of women all ready to drink shop and shop some more! so on the bus the gave us Dunkin Doughnuts, the ride went fast as we watched "Bottle Shock" (click to see YouTube trailer)a movie that I thought was going to be so boring and turned out so interesting. Based on a true story about California wines finally being put on the map in 1976 by a wine competition in Paris. If you are into wine you really need to see this. I learned so much and had a different respect for grapes vineyards and the workers.
Our first stop was at a small winery called "Corey Creek Vineyards" Bedell Cellars. We tasted 2 whites and 2 reds bought Nothfork chips...(I said we were ready to shop)I tell you there were so many chips and all of a sudden 2 people bought then 2 more and so on and so on.... Took great pictures and went to our next stop.
"Martha Clara Vineyard", was so darn cute! It is owned by the Entenmann Family...yes the cake people who opened a little bakery in 1898 in Brooklyn, NY! Go figure they made cakes so great and also wine? Yes they can make wine and their adorable vintage young girl in a bridal dress label just took my breath away. In 1978 the Entenmann Family sold their "Cake Empire" and moved to the North Fork of Long Island, New York. Their son bought a potato farm and noticed that alot of the farms in the area were turning into Vineyards, so of course in 1995 he also got the grape bug and the rest is history. The son named the Vineyard after his Mother Martha Clara Entenmann. Martha was an inventor in her own right. She made the traditional white opaque bakery box and invented the now Iconic packaging with a see-through window. We were escorted through a tasting room, and a cute store and into this enormous barn and fed. We had views of the vineyards, all their animals, horse and wagon and sunflowers that you can pick on your own. Then we tasted 4 wines and bought some wine and gifts boarded the bus and off to Shecky's Girls Day we went.
Thank Goodness the "Shopping Gods" were with home it was raining hard and 3 hours away in South Hampton, still New York it was hot and sunny. Yes let the shopping begin. It was all outside at a museum. I wanted to take home a little shack like buildings and oh the old mailbox...ok so I settled with a free goodie bag filled to the brim and overflowing with goodies. There were drinks and the ever famously cute Cupcake Stop Truck was there handing out free miniature cupcakes...yes free cuties! I bought a cute long strapless dress and a gorgeous necklace featured in many fashion magazines (see picture of 2 cute girls in glasses dressed in black) Eda and Betty Heirloom Couture; well they have 5 charms you can pick yourself and dangling chains..can we say cute? so that is it I was so tired I came home and fell asleep. I had a blast with my friend Maria it was the perfect girl day out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I was walking up Fifth Avenue and noticed such "PINK" cuteness. I love doll houses and Tiffany has a beautiful display of jewels on furniture in a pink dollhouse in their windows..The roof is lined with pink velvet patterned vintage like wallpaper. Everything is so Versailles looking...the chandeliers, the candelabras and the furniture. It reminded me of my recent trip to Paris. As I continued walking I glanced at Bergdorff Goodman who has the best window displays, and saw a Huge "PINK" Lobster! Wouldn't you love to sink your teeth in that one?

Pink Lobster in Bergdorff Goodman