Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sue Pellitier Snow Girl Workshop

Sallianne from Art Is You hosted a workshop with Sue Pelletier at her home. Sue taught us how to make the adorable snowmen that graced the cover of Cloth Paper Scissors a while back. Sallianne served 2 wonderful soups, bread and a gorgeous salad dressed by Betti Zucker. Betti also made a fabulous Martha Stewart pumpkin brownie that was incredible. Sue brought lots of pretty embelishments for us to play with and add to our snow people. My good friend Marlene Haveron brought me a few vintage fun shaped bottles for me to use. It was so wonderful seeing all the girls and giggling and creating such fun snow girls! Thank you Salianne for hosting a fabulous day and thank you Sue for such a wonderful class and for letting us use all your goodies. xoox

Place Setting

Magazine Cover

Sue made these

Kathleen, Sue and Betti

Kimberly to the left, Sallianne and Marlene

Francine, Sue and Bridgette

my "unfinished" snow girls

Sallianne digging in the magic suitcase for treasures

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Goodie Bags - Hallmark

I love November!! My 2nd November goodie bag is from Hallmark. Every year they have an Open House and they have specials on rolls of wrapping paper cards and gifts. They give out refreshments and candy and cookies and a bag filled with gifts. They are different every year. This year was a big cookie jar, a pretty 2011 ornament, a small box of chocolate and the most aromatic Christmas candle from WoodWick. The wick is a wood stick and the aroma is so bright so holidayish. 2 more November Goodie Bags coming up.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pink Poodle Craze

Happy Pink Saturday! I was shopping in various stores and noticed a "Pink Poodle" craze and since I carry my small camera all over as I found them I snapped away for a Pink Saturday post. So cute they remind me of fluffy pink cotton candy.
Please visit our lovely Pink Saturday Hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and all the other Pink Saturday blog posts. For My Pink Saturday Thanksgiving "Friends" Have a Happy Pink Thanksgiving. I am so very grateful for our hostess Beverly and all of you "pinkies"! xoox

Monday, November 14, 2011

November Gifts Sephora Holiday Party

I love November! I love it for Thanksgiving and the fall and all the family gathering and "Gift Bag Month"! I will start with Sephora. I went to their party that really just felt like another shopping day just with a 20% off coupon and DJ music. Then if you are a VIB they give you a tote bag. No nothing was inside. Bummer!! Oh I got a tiny piece of chocolate. One girl got 2 samples and me and my niece got nothing. So sad, since years go was so much fun to attend. The only fun part was spending it with my niece and getting 20% off. Did I mention I am addicted to makeup and creams and washes and accessories? lol Stay tinned for Hallmark open house "Gift Bag".

Kat Von D

Friday, November 11, 2011

Pink Saturday - Qream

Happy Pink Saturday! I was at a beauty event and I looked over at the bottle and thought it was bubble bath. The shape is so gorgeous. It is called Qream. You can mix with alchahol. If you click on the website they have a story and recipes. My friends said the PINK tasted a little like strawberry. I am on a mission to find it. I can't drink due to ulcers (hmmm kind of looks like my medicine) whahaha; but I would love the bottle for display. Please visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and the other Pink Saturday lovlies!! xoox

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Once Upon a Dream - Aheville NC

Once Upon a Dream in Asheville, NC was hosted by Jennifer Hayslip. It was a wonderful event filled with great hostess, teachers, vendors, old friends and new friends. I was trying to upload pictures and just decided a little (hahaha) slide show would be better. I laughed because it is so long. I love it and I hope you will too. xoox

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pink Saturday - Blogging Friends Visit and a Apron

Happy Pink Saturday! This Saturday I want to thank our awesome Hostess Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for Blogging Friendships. I had the pleasure of finally meeting the very talented sweet Gabriela Delworth. We have chatted through the Blogosphere for many years and it was so much fun to finally catch up in person. Besides talking about her new fabulous book and flower press we talked about all the wonderful Pink Saturday and Blogosphere friends and about everything. I have to say I did not have enough time to chat! lol I took Gabriela and Ed to dinner at Tony di Napoli. We laughed so hard because we did not get appetizers so Gabriela could eat Magnolia cupcakes and instead there was enough food to feed 10 people! (over exaggeration) lol After dinner we walked to Magnolia and sat inside behind the skating rink at Rockefeller Center and had our lattes and cupcakes and they gave me a beautiful scarf and pretty Indian goodies. Before Gabriela and Ed left NY they came to "surprise" me at my office! I had the most shocked look but was so happy to have them for 1/2 hour more! It was too short of a visit.
Gabriela's book and flower press


The Next Blog friend is Connie from "Living Beautifully". What a lovely lady and talented too. I was so thrilled to get an email from her saying I won an apron from her blog! Get out...really? It was pretty in the picture but I have to tell you how gorgeous it is in person. Thank you Connie!!

(picture was borrowed from Connie's blog)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by the very lovely sweet talented Heidi Meyer from "Sugha Beez". So I thought I would do this now to give me a chance to post some more of Once Upon a Dream. Thanks Sugha for a little fun break! xoox

The instructions are:
1. Post the button.
2. Tell 10 things about yourself.
3. Tag 5 bloggity Pinks you'd like to know some fun facts about.

Here goes:

1. My hair is extremely curly, not straight as I wear it.
2. I was born in Italy, Sicily Palermo and moved to NY when I was 3.
3. I love to shop!!
4. I Have a very bad make up addiction! Oh yes it is true.
5. I went to Beauty School when I was young. Did it for 2 years then back to real school and worked in the City.
6. I am very allergic to cats and dogs and also terrified of cats.
7. I have too many accessories...really!
8. I am a morning person.
9. I do not like to make jewelry...To stressful all those little pieces.
10. I wish I had more time to create.

Here are my 5 Pinks I am tagging:

1. Cheryl from "Nouveaux-Portmanteau"
2. Molly from "Fleur de Bee"
3. Jenny from "The Red Bulletin Board"
4. Claudia from "Dipity Road"
5. Sandy from "Sandy's Creations"