Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Diner en Blanc New York

Diner en Blanc New York 2014 was my first one and hopefully I will be lucky and be invited to future ones. Diner en Blanc (Diner in White) was started in Paris  over 25 years ago by Francois Pasquier for just a handful of his friends and now his Paris "friends" include another 15 thousand people each year.

The rules: You need a table and chairs everything must be "BLANC" (white), real dishes and silverware and glasses a centerpiece is recommended and you also must wear "BLANC" (white). You carry your items in either a dolly or a grocery carriage and some choose to "carry" by hand.  If you are lucky to sign in you pick a group location in the City and when the day arrives you meet your group and leader there and wait for the announcement of your "Secret" Location. There is a Flash Mob of Blanc on buses and trains and walking through the Streets of Manhattan! I fortunately was by the Freedom Tower at Battery Park with a view of the beautiful Marina and the Statue of Liberty. When the announcement came our Group Leader just told us to follow her. Yeah she walked ahead and never saw her again the rest of the night. Fortunately we had a piece of paper what section we were and guests and a different leader from another group, Nicole helped our Group. Guests are super wonderful polite and sweet. The elegant setting and attire definitely sets the mood. My friend Marlene and I ordered food from Todd English who was the first time Celebrity Chef of the event. I set the table and hid all the carrying pieces and Marlene went to get our box of goodies. Moet & Chadon, Bordeaux and French Tuesday were at hand to make sure we had an elegant, fun "Diner en Blanc". 

My experience: Diner en Blanc was a surreal experience. It was funny listening to non dinner goers. One couple thought is was a Flash Mob wedding others wanted to know what is going on and why. At one point I said "Google" Diner en Blanc! lol Passing the Freedom Tower on our way to our "Elegant Picnic" was a feeling of blessings, So many people's lives were taken away and this is usually an area of sadness and remembrance and that night it was a celebration,  a little injection of life brought back into that area. It is definitely a lot of work but so much fun and so worth it so look at the website and if Diner en Blanc is in your state or Country look into it! Be elegant, set an elegant table and enjoy it all....Merci

waiting to hear where our "secret location" was

Statue of Liberty

We passed the "Freedom" Tower 

everyone walking with our tables chairs food and decor

Diner en Blanc

Empire State Building in the background

these head pieces lit in the dark - Fabulous

My Friend Marlene


the North Star 

Drone over head to video the event

loved the decor some people created

Moet & Chadon