Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sneak Peak Witches Cupboard Swap!

I joined Gypsy Mermaid Life Witches Cupboard Swap and have been having a great time getting to know my swap partner Stevie. We have to send our goodies in by Sept 12th! I am almost done just need to wrap stuff make pretty and so I decided to just put a few sneak peaks...Stevie has packaged boxes already and I am so excited like Christmas so I went the other route just little peaks and not everything...I definitely will have more as this ends and need to ship my box. Can you believe it is almost September? I can't wait till we both receive our packages, we have so much in common. I can definitely see us being friends for a long time. Hear are a few peaks...can you guess what they are?

Friday, August 29, 2008


Miss Jessi did it again! I bought this "special order" just for me PINK tile art in her Etsy Shop. She is truly a talented sweet Barbie Doll! Go to her blog site and look at other special orders she made and others in her Etsy shop. There is a picture on her blog of my "pink" tile but trust me girls it is so over the top fabulous and big really how on earth did she get all those tiny things on that? LOL! Love it hmmm think I need some Christmas tiles also....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Bookmaking Shopping Eating Fun!

I had to jump ahead a little on the blogging because I have way too much to write and wanted to post about some scrapping stuff first. So Saturday Me and my Best Friend Sara went to
Connecticut to Scrapbook Clubhouse to take 2 classes with the very talented Carol Wingert.

We made 2 books that looked so complicated and were a snap to complete. ( not totally finished yet) During the 1st class there was a "Muster" (1: a representative specimen : sample2 a: an act of assembling; specifically : formal military inspection b: critical examination c: an assembled group) outside. It was a parade with bands and dressed in 14th Century attire. Next door there was the cutest Victorian House (Beautiful Impressions) that housed rubber stamps and 1 little side that you could order ice-cream from the outside.

They also had a little festival set up across the street where they had food and had a bunch of old items and antiques where I bought a French Tea Jar for $1. I bought a few of Paper Doll Part Stamps. In NYC they are $23 at Kate's Paperie and her they were $16.00. We had lunch at this "healthy Mexican place and what was I thinking to order quesadilla and nachos and tacos....yes folks I did! I was thinking Taco Bell they were thinking Mexican Feast! No wonder they were staring at me funny...hahaha A little bit of advice though when you see "healthy" next to a food like Mexican do not stop on in! It was fine but had tofu and cardboard taste to it. Oh and no I did not eat it all! LOL! Oh and the Burrito was Sara's, we just kept laughing just staring at the food.

When we were done we went to Ikea bought some shadow boxes to make future swap items. Then a few more stores and I got home at 9:30 PM exhausted inspired full and happy.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Teenage Vampire addiction...

I have a few friends and blog friends that are hooked on the "Twilight Saga": Twilight - New Moon - Eclipse - Breaking Dawn, and so am I. I am finally on the last book Breaking Dawn (754 pages). It is a teenager series but with a huge following not quite as big as Harry Potter but big. So at times it was slow and you could guess what was going to happen but all in all it has been great getting to know Edward the rich handsome old fashioned vampire and Jacob the sweet young werewolf.
Some crafty - scrapbooking things to come this week...I promise! Some cute Pink Cupcake finds.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pink Juicy Knight In The City...

Here he finally is my "Knight in Pink Shining Armor"! He does exist and everyone thinks I am just a hopeless romantic... Where does he reside? On Madison and 72nd Street in NYC, one of my favorite pink stores. This Friday I was home sick so I did not get a chance to do my Friday in the City so took a little stroll this evening for some Pink Lovin. I bought a journal for myself..what will I write in it? nothing right now I guess. I can wait for my Knight to come alive... Marie is all over the city it seems ...her bust is in this store she is so pretty with her pink cheeks. Then I thought I saw me some cupcakes but no just cute baby bibs in cute cupcake holders (they even package cute). Next was a girl sleeping in her bathrobe in a birdcage sitting on some pink sheep she has been counting...I think she got stuck in the cage because she was thinking of all the sweetness in here...
this last one is so cute I need it cause GP are my initials! Ahh going to go dream of my "Pink Juicy Knight" Pink Dreams girls...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heidi Swapp Paper at Costco..test run

I was reading Heidi Swapps mom's blog and was so excited to see that Heidi has card stock (96 sheets double sided) and is going through a "test" run at certain Costco stores. So today I went to 4 yes 4 different Costco's and no luck! Boo Hoo for me! So fingers are crossed that it does really well so that I will get at at least 1 near me or by some friends. So let me know if you actually found this at your local Costco. Heidi's mom said that she got hers from her brother who picked them up in St. George Utah, so if you live there please tell your friends and buy them out! 96 sheets of double-sided card stock for $14.99 what a deal. This is Heidi's 2nd kit at Costco, the 1st was chock filled with tons of stuff. I borrowed with permission this picture from Heidi's Mom..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marie Antoinette in the City......

I didn't think I would have enough to say before I started this my problem is how do I shut up? LOL! Oh well, I just love NYC there is something always to see. I went into Anthropologie the other day for some inspiration and oh my goodness I looked over to the side and there was this beautiful Marie Antoinette dress made of paper in her own room! I know there are so many Marie Antoinette lovers out there in blog land and so I was so excited I had to share. I hope you girls love her room as much as I did. I did not want to leave. I can go in there everyday and see something new fun and different there. This was one of my favorite movies I loved the costumes the colors the furniture and all the accessories.. it stared Kirsten Dunst.

Flowers on the dress all made of paper!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tinsel Trading Moving..

I am having "Tinsel Trading" withdrawals.... For 45 years they have been on 38th Street and they are moving into a new space on 37th Street, New York City. I am in 2 great Halloween swaps and "need" stuff! Before they closed I did get some ribbons and "cuties" for the swaps but hopefully when they open they will have some Scary Cute Sinister Gypsy Mermaid Black and White items I could use for my swaps.. I already have started..OK I am a little upset "PINK" is not in the color scheme for these swaps...hahaha! I guess I will survive..this time! Have a good week.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Night Melting Pot ....

Tonight instead of my "In the City" adventures I met 2 great friends Sara and Dena, who I met a very long time ago through Stampin Up! for dinner at the Melting Pot in White Plains, NY. Would have been 4 of us but our wonderful dear friend Daryl moved to Florida, so hopefully another time soon she can join us. But we missed her terribly. (Daryl and Dena still are great demonstrators with Stampin Up!) We had our usual get together "girlfriend" drink not cosmos but "lemon drops". It is a tradition that started a long time ago at the Cheesecake Factory our favorite place. Dena came back from convention in Salt Lake City so she had swaps and a catalog and wonderful things to show us. We started at 6:00PM and left each other at 10:30 PM. Of course we had to make a pit stop at Target. We ate way too much. We had the "big night" - Wisconsin 3 cheese fondue - salads - then broth to cook our food and then in the end chocolate fondue with melted peanut butter! Heaven..... here are some fun pics.

This was a little box with a thank you note card inside Dena made at convention. Did you have a great 8-8-08? Was it lucky for you? It was for me 3 great friends 3 lemon drops lots of laughing fun and a huge toast to Daryl.... Hope your day was just as wonderful. Girlfriends are special...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bliss on a Wednesday Night.........

Ahh Sheer "Bliss" on a Wednesday night. For Christmas Marious and Ravi at work gave me Monica and Vicki gift cards to Bliss Spa. I had a pina colada pedicure, yes they served non alcoholic pina coladas! Mine had a pink umbrella how did they know??? LOL! Monica also was supposed to get the same but had a last minute emergency and made a new appointment for Monday afternoon, but she did meet us and go out to dinner. Vicki had a deep tissue massage. As I sat there I got to watch "Ugly Betty" there were earphones so we could relax eat cheese, crackers, olives, cucumbers, cookies, bottled water and pitchers of lemon water. After we were done they gave us so many samples and a new bottle of redish nail polish...I am into light pinks but maybe in the winter a pedicure will be ok with it. We ate at Bobby Vans on 54th Street. We did not have steak this time.... too much to eat on a Wednesday and we are all watching our weight right now. But the food was incredible as always. All this fun shared with 3 great friends who also work together on a "Blissful" Wednesday night!

Gwen Stefani Fall Fragrance

Fall will be here before we know it and that means school, new clothes, boots, shoes and make-up. I never thought "perfume", seems the beauty world is abuzz about lots of new perfume lines coming out from now till November. One in particular that caught my eye so darn stinkin cute is Gwen Stefani's new fragrance look how cute! They are her "harajuku dolls"! 1 has a "pink" dress (right hand corner). Will let you know how she smells once I find her. Pink Hugs!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Carol Wingert Class in CT

Finally I get to take a Carol Wingert class! Oh not one but two of them at Scrapbook Clubhouse in Westbrook Connecticut. Me and my Best Friend Sara had her for a class in Arizona at the first Heidi Swapp Bazzill Creative Escape and a little while after we found Carol's blog and have wanted to take a class with her. Carol does beautiful work. She has a monthly kit on her blog. I have purchased a few and can't wait to order the new one! Let me know if you are close and are planning on going let me know. Pink Hugs to all of you.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flea Market ....

I just got back from a flea market in "Stormville, NY". When I was little my dad loved to go to old flea markets and find little gadgets. We used to all go along with some family friends and had a blast. Through the years I never looked at flea market finds although I love "vintage" things. First of all really we do not have any around and the 1 that is close has people's modern day junk (have enough of my own) and second was really not motivated enough. But reading some beautiful blogs and seeing all their cute finds I decided to research and found this for today and then again 2 days in September, that will be a big one they said. Some of my "inspirations" for going were Suzanne Duda (who has found the cutest items and her daughter enjoys going with her when not in school), Kari Ramstrom (I need to move near her go look at all the goodies), Stephanie Howell (ooh how adorable she is and her girls, she goes to flea markets with her daughter Harper and her adventures are always sweet and entertaining), and I could go on and on because they all find these great items for so cheap. I am looking for stuff for 2 swaps I am in for Halloween and I asked a man if he had any postcards he said yes they are very expensive....I laughed what did I know well he said for 1 was $65...WHAT???? Do you know the clothes or shoes on sale I could buy? Well I was happy for the first time what I found....I bought sheet music $1 missing some pages but that is ok... a picture of a pretty woman $2...and a white candy dish (maybe for a swap need to decorate...$5.....and finally this adorable pink box from a cute little old woman for $5 it was in perfect condition. I had seen a few similar boxes in blog land and drooled over but never thought I would find 1 ahh maybe there is hope for another? I was really searching for different old hand held mirrors not a 1 was to be seen.... Yes I will go in September and see what else I can find. Thank you ladies in "Blog Land" for your pushes 1. to start a blog and 2. to go to Flea Market.