Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Saturday Night Live the Exhibition in New York City

Saturday Night Live might be over on TV but the Exhibition is living at 417 Fifth Avenue (between 37th & 38th Streets) in New York City. 40 years of funny bizarreness all under one roof. Definitely a must see so grab your ticket there or purchase from the website here: (SNL Exibition)

So follow me through a slide of SNL we go!

We are walking through the SNL studio doors to sit and watch a short clip of 40 Years of funny magic!

Church Lady
As soon as a show was done planning started for the following Saturday. They have broken it down day by day how the process works. 

The below table is a screen where a projector shows the creative team working with actual scripts and then it switches to them passing papers around and then lunch and dinner. Amazing how there is also conversation going on as the show is being created.

You can sit on the Wayne's World Set and take a picture. This set just made me laugh out loud.
Wayne's World Set

Dooneese Costume

Me Grace at the Jeopardy game
reproduction of the Studio "Minds"
After walking around and looking at the sets you are ushered to the "Studio 8H" where a virtual screen brings you Tina Fey as your host and she introduces different acts on side screens that make you feel as they are really there with you. At the end there is a farewell to a great 40 years of SNL. 
Tina Fey

Some of the acts that do a small musical or comedy clip.

 When you are done you can take a picture at the "Weekend Update" Set and pick who you want to sit and do the news with.
 There is a great SNL store for every fan and if you were never a fan you will be after this "SNL Exhibition"!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

La Granouille and Gigi on Broadway Birthday- in NYC

In May I was taken out to dinner at La Granouille and to see a play "An American in Paris" in New York City. As I walked up to La Granouille at 3 East 52nd Street and thought how could this be? It is not a grand outside facade. As I walked in and met my date I thought I had stepped into a magical fairytale. The pink flowers and tree branches felt as if I just walked into a beautiful painting. We were seated side by side and I did not ever take my eyes off of the amazing flower display. The menu had so many fabulous choices of French Food which made the final decision difficult to make. (you will see our choices were the exact same and neither would change so we could share) Everything  was delicious and the presentation and service were impeccable. We ate every last speck of food and crumb on the plate! Merci La Granouille

Mushroom and Truffle Souffle to start

The picture of our Pan seared Fillet of Beef with Darphin Potatoes came out dark but it was amazing.

Hot Chocolate Torte with Vanilla Custard Sauce

these amazing truffles are complimentary and wonderful

Then off to see Gigi, Staring Vanessa Hudgens at the Neil Simon Theatre. It was fun and lighthearted. Vanessa of course sang beautifully. It was lovely to watch her on set. This was a perfect ending to a fabulous "French" birthday .....

Cory Cott as  Gaston Lachaille

Vanessa Hudgens as Gigi

This play is now closed but if you want to have a French Evening definitely go see "An American in Paris"