Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maialino in NYC - Brunch with a Friend

I love my friends I can spend months without seeing each other but when we do we have a fabulous time. My really wonderful friend Beverly is one of those people. We did not get a chance before the Holidays to get together so right after we met for Brunch at Maialino (little Piggy) at 2 Lexington Avenue inside the Gramercy Park Hotel. Maialino is a Roman Trattoria with a chic New York City Market feel. Executive Chef Nick Anderer is fabulous with his use of Local fresh ingredients. We started with a Honey butter Glazed Pork Biscuit that had the perfect bite of all the ingredients. Next we shared a Porchetta, which is a Roast Pork with Friend Egg Sandwich and Ricotta Pancakes with a side of Market Fruit Jam and Fresh Ricotta with a Side of Patate al Forno - Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary. Everything was so fresh and so tasty. Sometimes when you go for Brunch everything winds up tasting the same and all flavors blend together but this was different and tasty. I definitely have to try dinner to see what Chef Nick does for that. It is still Restaurant week and they have an amazing menu for that if you are in the area definitely go in. Lucky Guests of the Gramercy Hotel get to stay at a wonderful Hotel that has a wonderful restaurant inside. 

Next we stopped at ABC Carpet and Home for some shopping. Their displays are Fabulous.

Next we went to Lillian August where we found this amazing vintage book with different Store Ads! What a treasure! A treasure? Yes for a mere $900 you could own this book.

Beverly also gifted me with some sweet, adorable gifts! She made these amazing Sweet/Salty Caramels and I actually have 1 saved for Valentine's Day! lol Yes they are so amazing.

 She made this adorable heart out of vintage tin and decorated for me. Simple and Elegant.

I love the blond/red haired nudie dollie and Beverly was so sweet that when she found it she thought of me. She also made the adorable Pink girl from a kit she purchased from Pam Huntington. 
Beverly always touches my heart with all she does. I so enjoy her company and she is so amazingly talented.  

 So call a friend you haven't seen in a while and plan a date!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pink Saturday Fun Etsy Purchase

Happy Pink Saturday! I wanted to share some ornaments I bought on Etsy from  Shonna. The first one with brown hair is me, then 2 Marie Antoinette's for my Tree and the blond was for my friend Sandy from Sandy's Creations.  It is so much fun to find different items on Etsy. 
Please Visit my friend Beverly, our Pink Saturday Hostess from "How Sweet the Sound" and all the Pink Saturday posts for some Pink fabulousness! xoox

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pink Saturday - Some Awesome Christmas Gifties

Happy Pink Saturday! I am so sorry for being away so long I have missed Pink Saturday so very much. I am so very sorry also for still posting Christmas but I had to post a few of the awesomest, most fabulousness gifties that My crafty girlfriends made or gifted me with. I dropped off the planet for a while and it felt good to just do it. Finally getting back to getting life moving again. So after you look at my gifts please hop on over to Beverly from How Sweet the Sound for some fabulous Pink Saturday posts. xoox

Ann Denise from "Whim and Fancy Designs" made these 2 crepe paper Hansel and Gretel candy boxes.

A cute Pink tree lady:
A beautiful Pink box filled with treasures:

Some of her perfectly Pink crepe paper:
She made these pretty paper clay ornies:

A pretty doll

One of my most favorite Blogging friends Laura from "Fun With This and That" blew me away with these 2 beautiful paintings that she made. I was so touched. Such beautiful talent and such a beautiful heart.

Some Pink Goodies from Laura:

Dana from "The Stone Rabbit" was in my Circle Journal Book Swap group and my book was Marie Antoinette and she sent me this fabulous Fleur de Li's Silver charm. I love it and adore her for thinking of me.

The Following are from one of my bestest friends Cheryl from "Recycled Relics and Antique Chic". No matter what the occasion or "just because" Cheryl always picks out the best treasures. Such a great eye for detail. I saved the box she sent my gifts in but forgot to take a picture (sorry), but it was so adorable it was sealed perfectly with RED packing tape and signs on both sides saying Naughty or Nice! Hahaha too adorable. Cheryl and Her husband have their own Antique business in Red Bank NJ. Look at her site for some fabulousness. 

Wreath ornament to add a photo in

a lighted chapel that she glittered to match the cute doll below!

I love this beautiful doll planter

a vintage Christmas postcard and a cone filled with Salt Water Taffy

This is the card I sent to My Circle Journal Girls. I ordered from Papernosh
(Nutcracker Marie Antoinette)

I had to add my little glittered deer I made

I also made this cute sign

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Abby Will give Advice to the Angels

Dear Abby who was born Pauline Philips leaves us all to go give the Angels advice! She passed away at 94 after living with Alzheimer's for many years. I just learned that her sister was Ann Landers...shut up!! They both had advice column's Ann Landers was detailed and her advice was much more like an "Aunt" and Dear Abby was a little "risque" and "snappy witty". I was young and would read the advice to my Italian Nonna (Grandmother). The thought of the translation of the column, by me was hysterical. I did not understand what I was explaining and the loss of translation was comical in itself. Was it appropriate for a 15year old? Hahaha
Dear Abby passed the torch to her daughter Jeanne in 2002, officially. Did you read the column or did you ever write to her?

Dear Abby,

I am going through a phase of "Fifty Shades or Grey". Christian tied me up to the phone booth with his tie and belt. It was late and no one was around, or were they? I was too deep in passion to know who I was or where I was. He softly kissed my neck as he lifted my shirt and sucked my breast....Oh Abby I was red not Grey! Is this normal what should I do?

Pink in the City xoox

What on earth or in Heaven do you think Abby would answer? May you rest in Peace!

Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Welcome - Are U Looking at Me?

Are you "LOOKING" at me or "LOOKING" for me? I have been missing and I am sorry I have a few posts on gifts that I received that I have to post because they were from my special Bloggy and Crafty friends. I was washing dishes at the sink one afternoon and saw this beautiful Owl looking at me. I don't live in the Country, I live in the Suburbs I was thinking as I shut the water and grabbed my camera that happened to just be there on the counter! She let me take so many photos of her and she posed. Why was she staring at me? What did she see? I was pondering as I washed dishes thinking of my "word" for 2013. I had seen Ali Edwards Pick a word and meditate and reflect all year on it. You Scrap every day. Look at the workshop on Big Picture Classes! I have wanted to do this for years and find so many excuses. What is at the top of my list of excuses?  "I do not have the time, I work". I am Grace I am a Procrastinator! lol What is my fear? Seems like I have many right now and need to get back on a Healthy Me, Body, Heart and Soul! Is anyone doing this? have you done this? should I? So I chose my word "CHANGE". So Wise Owl are you here to tell me I can do this? I can Change? Well I closed the window and went back to finishing up the dishes and She was still there. As soon as I was done "thinking" and doing the dishes she flew away! She was gone. It has been weeks and no one has seen her but I have photos and lots of them to prove she was there! I am ready for 2013 I am ready to accept full responsibility for "ME".

Ok seems like it is a "HAWK" not an Owl (Thank you Gabriela and Vivian) and the meaning of the HAWK is more appropriate: Click here: "HAWK"