Thursday, July 9, 2009

Angelina - Paris

Welcome back to Paris posts....Before I left NY a male friend suggested I go to a cafe in Paris called "ANGELINA'S" (no website yet). It is on Rue Rivoli across the street from the Louvre (will post that soon). It is very ornate in a classy old world charm. They open at 9:30 and close at 5:30. They serve beautiful tasty pastries and have breakfast plates and small quiches and salads. Lunch is so not like lunch in the States. Usually places are closed around our typical lunch. I went 3 times, had a chocolate looking like cupcake once then another time breakfast that was eggs Benedict (no picture) that was the best I have ever had hot chocolate that was rich but not too thick served with cream whipped on the side, and a torte that resembles a napoleon pastry. They serve everything on silver platters, but have their own signature pitcher with steamed milk or the hot chocolate and plates and mugs. I bought 1 set because that is all they had for the day at 10:00AM....I am used to NY where they say let me send someone down to the stock room and get them but as I suggested the woman looked appalled! She said in "perfect" English...that is not my job. I replied "can we send someone?" and she said "NO"!!! ok so I will wait till the website is developed. Really what can you possibly say, it is my fault for not getting it the first time I was there. But everything else was great and lots of fun. The above Gentleman I passed by and smiled and he said he got out of work at 7:00 and I should meet him in front! French Men are so great so classy. If you ever go please make it a breakfast stop and dessert stop and sit and enjoy the service.
Mont Blanc - looks like cool cupcake but it is a "pastry" which is a meringue base filled with whipped cream and sweet chestnut puree. Very rich and delicious.

Hot Chocolate and pastry

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pink Poodle in the City

I have alot of catching up to and promise I will moving I figure it has been a while since we saw some "Pink in the City" so I had to start here! I love Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avnue in NYC. It is an old time sofisticated,expensive department store. It is owned by Neiman Marcus but very different. It has a famous clientel but truthfully it does not cost you anything to look get inspired and occasionally there is a great sale and they have restaraunt and a little counter lunch snack drink stop on the Fifth Floor. Their window displays are so amazing all year round but extra wonderful at Christmas time. I get off the bus every morning right in front and get to see the window display change every other week. So to my surprise I see this "different" art display from the Baltimore Visionary Art Museum and was intrigued by the big woman in the window and decided to go inside and "Oh My Pinkness" what I found! Oh Fifi I love you Pink Poodle...not allergic doesn't make a mess is qiet oh and so chic! You never know what you will see inside or on the streets of NYC..
FiFi's "Pink" Bones

FiFi fits in with the Bergdorf Divas

FiFi's Rear

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I wish all of you and your families a Happy and Safe 4th of july! I made this cake a few years ago and can not find the picture so I copied it from the Food Network site. It was fairly easy. Enjoy!