Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! - Buon Anno

Happy Healthy New Year to all My Blooger Friends! Thank you all for so many wonderful coments. Look forward to lots more Pink in the City in 2012! Buon Anno a tutti xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nutcracker Tea at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel - NYC

I had a fabulous "Nutcracker Tea" at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York City. I took a very fast elevator to the 35th floor to their lobby and waited a bit to be seated. Yes I did have reservations. The girl at the desk called my phone to see if I needed to reschedule! What? We are in New York how can this happen? lol She wound up being fine and we sat down. I was so not impressed at the decor. The Lounge is a sunken living room with spectacular views but this was the "Nutcracker Tea" There were No Nutcrackers! Ok Maybe a Nutcracker cookie? NO! The menu was so delicious and so well presented. The desserts were cute, I could not finish so they wrapped mine in a green take out box! Cuteness. I asked why it was called the "Nutcracker Tea" and was told since they are near Lincoln Center and that is where the very famous Nutcracker Ballet is performed they are hosting a tea! It was really great the food and views made it a wonderful experience. A must do in NYC especially before going to see the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center. Maybe next year it will be a little more characteristic. So glad I did this. Maybe I miss being chased by Soldier Boy or him popping up wherever I was, I thought I would come here and there he would be. He is where he belongs now in Christmas Storage Land with his new love......

Scones with Mandarin Orange Marmalade and Cream

Watercress Pinwheels and Salmon

Egg Salad with Truffle Oil & Turkey

Fabulous Desserts

Take Out Box for my Desserts

Beautiful View of Columbus Circle

Sunday, December 25, 2011

25th Day of NY Christmas - Pink at the Plaza

Merry Pink Christmas!! On the 25th Day of New York Christmas I celebrate with the Plaza Hotel. It is always "magical" walking into the Plaza but as I walked in and saw a PINK Eloise Tree I said "eeek for me I am home"! lol I want to be Eloise and Live in the Plaza. Look at that Tree, the top has a gorgeous Eloise Angel done by Betsey Johnson to be raffled New Years Eve. Of course my name is in there a few times. Wish me "Eloise PINK Luck"! I always go downstairs to visit my friend Eloise and her shop and as I said hello to my fish friends I looked up and there she was Miss Betsey Johnson and her pop-up shop! Treasures!! Her adorable line is fabulous. I received a few as gifts and will share in the New Year. I have a dream to stay one night in the PINK Eloise Bedroom decorated by the Fabulous Miss Pink herself Betsey Johnson. It is quite expensive! I knew heaven was PINK! lol Have a Merry Pink Christmas! I hope you enjoyed a small journey of NY Christmas. Maybe next year I can do a video and show more. See you soon with some fabulous gifts....xoox

Betsey Johnson Pop-Up Shop

Eloise Doll House

Friday, December 23, 2011

23rd Day of NY Christmas - Citi Pond

On the 23rd Day of New York Christmas I went for a stroll at Bryant Park for a little shopping. Bryant Park is locate on 42nd between 5th and 6th Avenues right behind the Public Library. During the holidays wonderful hand made artisans set up little glass shops filled with treasures. There is also a few food a sweets places. There is skating and it is called "Citi Pond". As I watch the skaters and wait for my date to go have dinner at Celsius (a pop up restaurant)I look up at the sky and see the Empire State Building dressed in its Christmas colors of red and green. After dinner I visited a few of my favorite little shops and took a walk around. Look what I see??? A female Soldier for Soldier Boy! Oh how wonderful I must find him. I think he will love her right away, she is blond and tall. I am such a hopeless romantic! hohoho! xoox

Empire State Building in its Christmas Colors

my favorite little shop go back every year

a fake fireplace

scented faux fruit and veggies (smell fabulous and look real)

some "steel" art!

Isn't she beautiful? A Blond for Soldier

Thursday, December 22, 2011

22nd Day of NY Christmas - Macy's Windows

On the 22nd Day of New York Christmas I went shopping at Macy's the Worlds Largest Store that is open 24 hours during the Holiday Season. Their windows are always unique and different. Macy’s holiday windows are created by award-winning designer Paul Olszewski. This year the windows are done in a modern vintage Steampunk style, inspired by the “Make-a-Wish” Foundation. Macy’s has been making wishes come true during the holiday season for over 150 years, and the tradition continues this year. the story is about the magical transformation of holiday wishes and dreams into festive holiday ornaments! The 8th Floor has this magical Christmas Village that at the end you get to see Santa and on the 9th floor is jam packed with magical Christmas ornaments and displays. I see so many "Soldiers" here I feel like I am being watched. He couldn't possibly have caught up to me here since he moves so slow. I have alot of shopping to do I have to take a chance and stay!

(you write a wish and put it in Santas big mailbox)

(sorry cat clock is blurry)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21st Day of NY Christmas - Jingle Birthday

On the 21st Day of New York Christmas I went to Chelsea Market to Have a Jingles Birthday celebration for the lovely Sallianne from Art is You! We had dinner at Friedman's Lunch. I had fried chicken with macaroni and cheese just like the birthday girl. It was way too much.... When we arrived I received the cutest "Jingle" pin made by Sallianne and Betty. It was so wonderful to sit near Leslie and Tom and see Colleen and Patricia and my pal Francine who calls me "Gail", but that is ok I like it and Andrew (&ndrew)! lol After dinner I rushed to Penn Station to try to find Miz Bee Marlene! Go stuck in major NYC traffic and missed alot of the shopping at Jingles. I bought a few things and got to sing happy birthday to Sallianne who had a snowflake cookie cake with candles inside. We got to take a cookie and small eggnog home. It was a great evening. In the end we got to take a picture with Jill from Elements. She is "Jingles" and she has some of the cutest things that she creates. I saw so many Soldier Boys and girls there I was so confused and ran into a taxi glad to have missed him again!

Betty Zucker champagne toast for Sallianne

Sallianne and &drew (Andrew)

fried chicken and macaroni and cheese

Me and Francine

Leslie and Me

Colleen & Patricia

Jill and Sallianne

small eggnog bottles