Friday, January 28, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pink Haired Dolly

My awesome friend Ann Denise who lives in Ft. Worth Texas sent me this stinkin cute "PINK" haired Dolly! She made it just for me. I was very blessed to stay at her home in October and got to stare at her as I chatted drank soda and she created away! There was no agenda she just kept making me things from the top of her head. I kept saying "oh my goodness" and scratching my head. She teaches at lots of stores in Texas and Oklahoma and is very involved in Paper Cowgirl event along with Cindy Mayfield.

Have a Happy Pink Saturday! Please go visit our Pink Saturday hostess Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" and visit with other fabulous posts! xoox

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Petrossian - Restaurant Week in NYC

I love Restaurant Week in NYC. Winter: January 24-February 6. Lunch is $24.07 and Dinner is $35.00. There are over 300 restaurants participating.
My first restaurant is Petrossian, on 58th and 7th Avenue. It was Founded in 1984 by the Petrossian family. It serves a French influenced contemporary menu. The bar has an enormous Art Deco style, the china is Limoges a Lanvin Chandelier and the Crystal by Lalique. Champagne and Caviar always in season and so stylish to be seen sipping vodka.

martini with blue cheese stuffed olives (Him drink - Me olives)

asparagus & prosciutto salad. shaved Parmesan Reggiano, roasted walnuts with a roasted shallot vinaigrette (Me)

smoked salmon, creme fraiche, dill with toast points (Him)

red wine and apple cider braised beef short ribs with parsnip puree and braised red cabbage(Both)

chocolate ganache spiced tart with ice cream (Me)

peach cobbler with vanilla sauce (Him)

even the sink is cool

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pink Barbie Foosball Table

A Pink Barbie Foosball table? Yes!! Ok and who is going to purchase this? I walked into FAO Schwartz and screeched! Whipped out the old camera and thought a perfect Pink Saturday post. The outside is adorable all pink, but the inside those poor Barbie girls looked all used and beat up. whahaha Seriously who thinks of these things? Make sure you go visit Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" for some great Pink Saturday posts. Oh and please let me know if you are ready to purchase this table! lol I will meet you at FAO Schwartz with Pink Champagne. xoox

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pink Saturday - Forever 21 Store Kitchen Fun

Happy Pink Saturday! I love Forever 21 and they recently opened a store right on Fifth Avenue and 55th Street. Who would have thought a cheapy young hip clothing and accessory store on Fifth Ave? It was set up so adorable like a cute pink bakery kitchen. Pink cakes were popping out of the oven, Pink cupcakes waiting on the table waiting to be eaten and Pink display cases filled with shoes and a Pink mixer with bracelets in the bowl. A Pink Saturday Dream! Please visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound and all the other fabulous Pink Saturday posts. xoox

I love this Pink little bolero. I was wondering, what craft project could be done with this? hmmm...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink Saturday - Gifts from Canada

Happy Pink Saturday! I received these cute gifts from my adorable friend Sandy from Sandy's Creations. If you read a few posts down she is the lovely blog friend who is now just "Friend", who came to NY at Thanksgiving from Canada. I had mentioned I love what I call "pot heads, vase know those half dolls with a vase in their head"; and she sent me a beautiful Pink one. She was wrapped in a pink wrap with snowmen on and made the cutes snowman clothes pin. She also sent a cute photo album with my "god dollies" and our adventures after Sandy adopted them in FAO Schwartz and during the Holidays in Canada. She also sent a great CD of all our pictures. I still have to get things together and send to Sandy and my god dollies. Blog friends are wonderful and enrich our lives. So go on over and visit Beverly from "How Sweet the Sound" our sweet Pink Saturday hostess and visit with other Pink Saturday posts and leave a comment and you will make wonderful friendships. xoxoxo

Back of Head

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marie Antoinette at Bergdorf

Look what I got today!! Next year I want a Marie Antoinette Tree in my Bedroom so I went into Bergdorf Goodman, which is on my way to my bus to go home; and I found a Marie candle bust and a Marie shoe ornament. Of course I think the candle bust is ridiculous maybe I will return her...aww! And I will never burn her. So the lovely man said "Are these gifts"? Of course they are! (who says no? If you say yes they wrap it up all pretty)So let me know to be done with Marie Bust or not to be done and maybe I should make a mold of her??? But how? Oh well let me know what you think of my Marie items. xoxo

Monday, January 3, 2011

McKenzie Childs - Christmas Markdowns

So I went back to work and it feels so wonderful to be out of the house. I wanted to say thank you so much for all the well wishes. After work I met my parents at McKenzie Childs and I was like a little girl. While I was home I was so upset because I was thinking of the 50% off sale and I could not be there. They did sell out of so much but I did manage to find some cheap treasures. Some items don't look "Christmasy" so I can not wait to incorporate them in my crafts. I plan to visit a few more stores and finding treasures. Next year I want to do a Marie Antoinette Tree so collecting already. So tell me friends, what have you found at after Christmas sales? Can't wait to see. xoxox