Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fashion Night Out - Bergdorf Goodman

Fashion Night Out September 10, 2010 was so much fun. All the windows and floors were decorated. Designer Jason Wu designed the above beautiful doll for Fashion Night Out and Bergdorf Goodman. I took so many pictures and finally I am posting about Bergdorf Goodman on 59th and Fifth Avenue. It is a old vintage beautiful upscale clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, home decor and specialty items store. Do not be intimidated walk inside and explore, you never know what you will see or whom. I was on the top floor in the restaurant and home decor floor and saw frozen Charlotte art! Bergdorf decorates with her all the time. Of course they are not for sale but I would be frightened at the price if they were. lol I went down the escalator to go see Mary J. Blige show her new line at Bergdorf and saw Martha Stewart just browsing at the clothes. She was very nice and posed so lovely for a photo. Mary J. has beautiful things and prices are not crazy. I of course loved the glittery Pink shoes. It was a fun evening full of stars models, Charlotte's, Tattoo artists in the windows designing on mannequins and lots of cocktails.

Mary J. Blige & her Accessory Line

Martha Stewart

Pink Chandelier

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pink Saturday - Crayola Pink

Happy Pink Saturday! A while ago I ordered Crayola Custom Crayon Box in "PINKS" only. It was so much fun to receive them in the same box I remember as a little girl with the sharpner on the side but when I opened it was full of PINKS. The colors are "Cotton Candy, Carnation Pink, Piggy Pink (hehe) and Tickle Me Pink"! So fun as an adult I still get to buy Crayola Crayons just for myself! Please Visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound Blog to read about her Pink goodness and other wonderful blogs! xoxoxox

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink Saturday - Hoop-la

Happy Pink Saturday! I was at a flea market with friends and had "Pink Saturday" in the brain and had to buy this. I did not even ask how much I just said "I need this"! lol Well turns out that this little gem was only $2.00. The cover was so perfect I want to frame it but when I got it home the "Hoop-la" shirt was inside. I just love thinking about the pretty dresses this would go under, a PINK dress of course!

Please stop by and visit Beverly our lovely Pink Saturday Hostess from "How Sweet the Sound" and all the Pink Saturday posts!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pink Saturday - Fashion Night Out NYC 2010

Happy Pink Saturday. Friday Night September 10 I attended NYC's Fashion Night Out. I only posted a few stores and tomorrow will post a bunch more. I thought I was going to get to post them all and then as I wanted to post where "PINK" was in Bergdorff Goodman I noticed this was way too long. lol So stay tuned as I post more Fashion Night Out Fabulousness. It was so much fun and so over the top exciting bumping into famous models and stars. I hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday and make sure you visit Beverly from How Sweet the Sound to see some great Pink Saturday Posts! I hope you are not bored and come back for the "Stars"....xoxoxo

Tiffany & Co. Was all decorated in yellow to Honor their Yellow Diamonds. Yellow carpet wrapped the store's sidewalk and they were giving out little diamond cube shaped ices. Very refreshing as we strolled along.

Henri Bendel was just so much fun and buzzing with lots of beautiful models and people shopping for accessories and make-up. Beautiful decor and great music and champagne flowed the beautiful architecture an Lalique windowed store. The company I work for is around the glass atrium when you look up in the store!

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa on Fifth Avenue had a great DJ and champagne and Red Door Models posing outside in front of the store!

Escada followed the trend of interactive Fashion windows with very 1920's women in the window. One in front of a vanity getting ready for a party and the other window had a group of women and a man sitting waiting for her and drinking out of "flasks" that we all received! I did not drink the very strong drink inside but the flask is fun.

Furla's campaign is join Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy was sort of "Marie Antoniette-ish"...of course I had to insert my face and take a picture!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Gifts - my friends received

I wanted to share a few gifts that my friends received for their double trouble birthday celebration!

Miss Holly "Holly Loves Art" blog, outdid herself yet again. I ordered this adorable apron from her. I emailed everything that runs in the woman's head and let me tell you it was the longest list but Holly managed to put it in on the apron! Holly has these pretty necklaces in the Somerset Holiday Magazine, you have to go buy it and see!

Cheryl from Nouveaux Portmanteau blog made for Marlene this adorable Geisha house! Look it is a frozen Charlotte and she used to black cotton balls for the hair! haha Look at all the details. She also made her first bracelet that was also very cute.

Sandi (no blog) made this adorable Wizard of Oz triangle shaped change purse. The outside had the Scarecrow Lion and Tin Man and inside Dorothy with Toto with the Yellow Brick Road Behind it. This picture does not do it justice at all. There are these lines slit but the image is perfect like it is flat fabric. Sandi felts, paints, knits and sews and ok what does she "not" do? We are working on getting her set up with a blog and or etsy.

This bead basket with Bees my friend Beverly found for Marlene at a vintage shop was all beat up when she found it. When I saw it as Marlene's gift I screamed! What?? Beverly is amazing she re-beaded most of the flowers and fixed the bees and even made eyes! Mizz Bee Marlene loved it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pink Saturday - Friend's Birthday

Happy Pink Saturday! I thought would be fun to post part of my 2 friends birthday celebration. We had a birthday in Eatontown New Jersey at Bobby Flay's Burger Place and one in Cape May NJ! (later post) It was Marlene's 50th and Cheryl's birthdays. We had them wait outside as me and Beverly set up the table. I bought Pink tablecloth and pink and brown polka dotted napkins, and I made 2 paper cakes for each one and Beverly made birthday hats for the girls. Everyone in the place was smiling and thought it was so cute and a few people snapped pictures. It is more of a fast food place and was different to decorate for 2 special women. I will post their gifts and Cape May during the week. So much fun was had....Speaking of fun go to Beverly from How Sweet the Sound's lovely blog and visit some more Pink Saturday goodies!! xoxoxox

Cheryl's cake and hat

Marlene's cake and hat

5 cheers